Monday, May 15, 2006

Watch out for Chinese, says Salient of New Zealand

From a recent issue of Salient, Victoria University of Wellington's student magazine,
Top Five animals you have to watch out:
1. Apes
2. Otters
3. Penguins
4. Chinese
5. Snakes

Editor-in-chief James Robinson didn't see it inappropriate. He also said the outcry from the local Chinese community was motivated and fueled by the the tuition recent increase imposed by the university. Top five is a permanent column of the Salient, and it's not the first time it made fun of Chinese. Good job for an otherwise little known university on catching up MIT.

Also in Issue 08, 2005:
Top Five Japanese facts in the new history text books that are pissing off the Chinese
1. Nanking was leading us on
2. The Manchurians blew up their own railways
3. Those Chinese are slanty-eyed gooks
4. We got the joys of American capitalism fifty years before you guys
5. We built that big wall thing

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