Sunday, May 07, 2006

Meet Jingjing and Chacha

Jingjing, the female, and Chacah, the male, are the new hire net cops working for Shenzhen government. The current issue of the ACM Communications says that websites under patrol of Jingjing and chacha see a drop of sensitive posts by as much as 70%. Shenzhen is the symbol of China's open door policy. Before it was set up as a special economic district in 1978, Shenzhen was merely a fishing village. Today it holds more than 10 million people.

Shenzhen is an interesting place. Almost all of the initial residents are millionaires or billionaires; almost all of the earlier leaders are in jail. It's one of the most prospers city in China, while also under most strict mental controls. Because of the geographical approximaly to Hong Kong, residents there can receive western radio and TV signals, but even the China Central TV, the only national propaganda arm of the CCP will be blocked if the coverage on Shenzhen happened to be not flattering enough.

Jingjing and Chacha combined rhythms jingcha, the word police in Chinese. Think of it, the Seagull comes with a good idea for English speaking regimes Paul and Liz for police.

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