Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Yahoo asks to be excluded from adware list, again

Yahoo is (in)famous in China thanks to their adware '3721' and 'Yahoo Assistant'. '3721' is the type of software than can pop up tons of windows, and there's simply no easy way to remove them. Attempt to remove '3721' by end users, even those experienced users, often ended up as a system crash.

'PCTuTu', or 'super rabit' is a utility that can be used to tuned up the Windows as well as remove unwelcoming spamware. The user of PCTutu can choose to delete '3721' from their system. On Monday, the PCTuTu published their reply letter to Yahoo's request to have '3721' excluded from the list of software that can be removed by the PCTuTu.

'3721' is the most notorious software in the history. In 2005, Chinese online media ranked it Number 1 of the Top 10 Chinese Malware. '3721' was installed to users' computers either by bundle itself with other software, or by secretly install an DLL file when users browsing some websites. It alters users' system files so that it can't not be removed. It is identified by Norton Antivirus as an adware with high risk. It is so impressive and admirable that Yahoo even has the courage to send the request. In an earlier incident, well known security software Kaspersky Anti-Virus (AVP) had shortly classified '3721' as virus, before contacted by Yahoo to have it removed from virus list.

According to the wiki, '3721' or 'Yahoo Assistant' loads itself even in the Windows safe mode, therefore it can circumvent users' attempt to repair the Windows registry. An incomplete removal will lead to self-repair by downloading missing files from the Internet. As a result, software such as the Microsoft AntiSpyware will enter an infinite loop.

Yahoo, I fu le you!

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