Sunday, May 14, 2006

HYSIS Hoax, Update 3

SJTU recently announced the result of a half year investigation over the HYSIS hoax, now an HYSIS Gate. Professor Chen Jin was released from all administrative positions, as well as his contract at SJTU.

Besides the expert group, including Beijing University professor Wang Yangyuan, who is also the board of directors of Zhong Xin International, more details about others involved in this scandle are emerging to surface.

SJTU had an established microelectronics research institute before they appointed Chen Jin. As part of the deal, they abondaned the entire original research group, including a world class scientist Lin Zhenghui. Professor Lin and his group were transfered to Tongji University in the same city.

A sizable chunk of the HYSIS company, who stock value was blowed to 100 times higher was owned by Shanghai Zichen, which in turn was controlled by a SJTU official.

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