Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I Am Sorry Mom

"I am sorry Mom, I can't no longer be with you. Please transplant my liver to Daddy's body after I died. Save Daddy!" The suicide note reads.

When her mother found out, it had been 10 hours since 13 years old girl Linlin took 300 sleep pills. The doctors did all they could, but Linlin was still in a critical condition today.

Linlin's father was diagnosed with terminal stage liver cancer. Doctors said he had at most 3 months. The family is deep in debt after the father was sick. Both mother and father were unemployed because of bad health. The three person family lives on 1,000 Yuan RMB ($150) pension per month.

Doctors and staffs at the Wuxi People's Hospital raised more than 2,000 Yuan RMB for the family. The local community also raised 450 Yuan RMB.

The father, who is also hospitalized, hasn't been told of the tragedy.

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