Monday, February 16, 2009

Japanese Vender Argues Game Pulled by Amazon pulled a Japanese video game from its online market place on the Valentine's Day after receiving several angry complains from customers.

Remember famous PC game 'Leisure Suit Larry' in the 1990s, where Larry would have to get laid by flirting and honey-mouthing around? In the Japanese version, the goal is also to get laid, but by violent means. The plot starts when a guy is released from the jail. In order to earn credit, he would need to rape a single Mom at a subway station, then follow her to find her two daughters and rape them repeatedly. However, the player must watch out when they got pregnant. The fetus must be aborted by force, otherwise the game ends. In the online mode, individual players across the world can join up to gang rape a common target.

The rape simulator titled 'Rapelay' is produced by a Yokohama studio 'Illusion'. Illusion argues the game was not sold directly to the US or UK market. Also it had been cleared by a Japanese ethics committee. A spokesman for the company was quoted saying 'We believe there is no problem with the software.'

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