Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Newspaper Girl Had Been Abducted From Parents

An amateur photographer 'wabsatg' noticed a loved little girl who was selling newspapers on streets of Changsha, Hunan Province just past 1 pm on January 20, 2009. He took a group of pictures of this girl, as well as a little boy who appeared to be a 'friendly competitor' selling newspapers together. Both the boy and the girl were wearing dirty and filthy clothes, but looked playful.

The pictures were posted on a popular web forum 'Red Net', and trans-posted to several online forums. At one point, it triggered a discussion on what kind of education benefits our next generations better. Some people left comments that a little hardship was usually good for the children's future.

The reality turned out to be less rosy, or rather cruel. The little girl's real name is Xu Qian "Qianqian". The four and half years old girl's parents recognized her face from the pictures on Web. The girl was abducted from Shenzhen, Guangdong Province around 11 am on October 18, 2008. On the left was a family picture taken before her disappear. Hundreds or thousands of children are abducted in China everyday. Many are sold to miners or circus managers for slave labor. Many parents of one child family who lost their only child are questioning the meaning of (whatever left with) life.

The desperate parents have arrived Changsha to look for clues on where to find Qianqian. The family already spent 300K RMB Yuan on advertising after the child was abducted. They even offered a ransom of 100K RMB Yuan ($17K) to whoever is controlling the child if the girl could be safely returned. Although many Changsha residents recognized the little girl after reading newspaper of the story, the child was no longer seen on Changsha streets. Actually, the entire population of Changsha city is looking for the girl everywhere. According to tips left by readers, Qianqian was last seen on Feb 6 in Spring Department Store area. There were four little kids selling newspapers that day, and Qianqian was the smallest one. One reader wrote that he saw Qianqian. He told his wife about the little girl who was selling newspapers when he came back home that day and was blamed for not buying a piece of newspaper to help. Now he regrettd that he didn't alert the authority, but he really didn't know. A taxi driver wrote he noticed a male in his 30s was monitoring the kids closeby. Another reader commented that he saw the child in Chenzhou, another city in Hunan. It's common children trafficker would move young slaves around to avoid attention. However, because of all the national media attention, we are fearful of the child's safety.

If you see Qianqian, please call her father Xu Jiancheng at 134-1209-6461, or call a hotline set up by Changsha media at 220-5000.

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