Monday, February 16, 2009

No Suspects

No suspects have been named in the first (?) blogger attack case. The writer, Xu Lai, works for several news media in Beijing, but is better known for his blog, Qianliexian wants to speak (if you articulate the words in Chinese, it sounds 'prostate inflation').

It's ironic, though, for many Chinese netizens to openly question the possibility that the government might be behind the attack, or having a role in it. The Communism government has been used to heavy hand simply solutions dealing with political dissidents. However, Xu is never a real critics of the government. There might be some jokes or satire in his blogging, but there's nothing at the level of sounding not 'harmonic'.

On the other hand, it's irresponsible and insensitive for the NYT to quote one of the comments left by a Chinese netizen to imply the government's role behind the attack.

In the comments area of Mr. Xu’s blog, one reader expressed a defiance that was reflected in many postings: “Comrades, netizens, such a despicable trick cannot stop the progress of Chinese people towards freedom and democracy, because this is the tide of history.”

Not only it sounds a desperate spin to appeal to the sentiment of China-bashing, it will probably cause serious trouble to whoever posted that comment, if he resides in China. The communism net cops never needs an excuse to leash out, and they never cares what it might look.

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