Saturday, February 21, 2009

Russian Navy Sank Chinese Cargo Ship

According to Russian media, a Chinese cargo ship was sunk by the Russian coast guard. New Star, the Chinese cargo ship left Russian port of Nakhodka before obtaining permission from the port authority. The Russian warship fired at least 500 rounds and sank the cargo ship into the sea.

The Chinese media held the story until a Sino-Russia oil accord was signed. China will providc $25 Billion loan in exchange of privileges of importing oil from Russia in the next 25 years.

Russian media alleged smuggling goods, but later clarified the cargo ship did not carry any smuggling goods. Russia stated the firing was legal and had been authored by higher authority. However, they would investigate the accusation that Russian warship did not make any effort to rescue drowning sailors during a period of 24 hours after the cargo ship issued a distress signal and started sinking.

Hong Kong based ship owner issued a statement, revealed that the Russian port would not release the ship without a kickback. Ship owners to Russia always faces the choices of bribing the port authority, or paying $10,000 port fee for each delayed day. Some chose fled Russian ports, but this is the first case when a cargo ship was sunk by Russian warships.

Seven Chinese sailors are assumed dead.

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