Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Throwing A Wrong Shoe

A British man threw his heavy shoe to the visiting Chinese premier Wen Jiabao during his public speech. The copycat action was not a refection of courage, but a call for growing up.

Wen is probably the only saint in the Communism Chinese government. In his short, slim, and fast ailing figure, he was seen in places only Mother Teresa would be seen, where his people needs him the most, often, the most dangerous and exhausting places in the world.

Unlike Iraqi reporter who cursed the command in chief of the occupation army with risk of torture and life, the clown trying to hit a respectable old man at comfort of a university campus demonstrated the lack of courage and abundance of cowardness.

Throwing shoes at their guest only solidifies stereotyping of islander's blind ignorance. From a bystander's perspective, the Brits will always be crawling under the moral bar before they could face up what they have been doing since The Opium War.

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