Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Are No Gays in China

The Hebei Youth Daily reported on March 25, 2009 a case in which a man was gang raped but he was legally sexually assaulted.

When police of Shijiazhuang arrived the scene of a robbery in the early morning of March 18, 2009. The male victim accused two men not only robber him of 19 RMB Yuan ($3), but also gang raped him. The police was able to apprehended the two suspects on the same day, but was unable to press charge because there was no sexual crime committed between two males according to Chinese law.

Consented sex between two males had been a crime, though, until a few years ago when the clause was removed from law.

While gays in China are enjoying a super relaxing atmosphere. They have open bars, gathering areas, weddings at Tian'anmen Square. However, lawmakers are reluctant to face sexual crimes committed by gays. Or maybe they are still dazzled on the fast changing world.

Coming back to the story, after consulting to legal department, police was not able to obtain arrest warrants on rape. The two suspects were charged on robbery and disturbance of piece. Because of the value involved is minimal $3, the duo might walk away without a dent.

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