Monday, March 09, 2009

Cultural Shock

Many Chinese immigrants and visitors told us they did not have any cultural shock when they stepped on the ground of US of A for the first time. Because of the free flowing of information and the tremendous interest Chinese always have on American culture, they would probably have learned everything about US before they board their flight. Actually, since most travel booklets tend to exaggerate the cultural differences to show off the depth and broadness of the book, readers were often disappointed when they did not enjoy the cultural shock they had expected. Human beings are always interesting to observe.

They are many myths about the US of A among Chinese immigrants. Chinese parents are especially puzzled on how to raise their kids in an acceptable and responsible way. There is a Chinese saying that you harsher you discipline your child, the better he will grows up into. What are they going to do in the US where spanking their own kids is a crime?

American kids are not different than Chinese kids, and among a small sampling (more than a dozen though), all American parents admitted they hit their kids as a punishment when they did not obey rules. Furthermore, even school teachers could hit a naughty kid, in some states.

Another myth is you can't share a drink with your kids. There is no law on a legal age to drink or to smoke. Having a drink with Dad in a local bar was one of top childhood memory a child could have. What would life be without being able to drink with your Dad?

Well, it turned out it's legal in most places to have a drink with your minor kids. Serving alcohol to your neighbor's kids may be different though, depends on where you live. Lanora Lucas, a Frederick Maryland resident was cleared for furnishing alcohol to a minor after her lawyer showed she did not have a chimerical license. Two kids, one 13 and one 16 were hospitalized with alcohol poisoning in a party held by Ms. Lucas. In other words, watch out for minors when you are a commercial dealer.

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