Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Value of The Poorer

History has demonstrated repeatedly, the poorer has higher value, through the mouth of their politicians.

Days after September 11, 2001, while the country was still in the shock mood, then Governor of Louisiana Murphy (Mike) Foster, Jr. announced that people of Louisiana would donate several multimillion dollar firetrucks to the New York City. Governor specifically made the point that people of the poorest state was the first to jump in the help when the richest city was in need.

The people of Louisiana just did it again. Governor Piyush "Bobby" Jindle announced that the state would not accept the federal stimulus funds, because people of Louisiana would be able to go through this by their own hard work. Of course, Governor Jindle would not chip in to help people of Louisiana to go through it. Jindle instructed LSU system to cut $101 million, or 15.7% of its state general fund budget. This is on top of $29 million already cut from the LSU system in January.

It is interesting that similar pattern could be observed not only in the flag of the free world US of A, but also in the last communism stronghold China. Officials from poorest provinces are always seen most politically correct to volunteer more national tax contribution.

Is it people of poorer areas are always of higher value standard?

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