Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pulling the Life Tube

Are you going to pull that life tube knowing the person would be dying? Ten end-stage renal disease who have to depend on dialysis on daily basis had their life tube pulled by the Bureau of Health of Tongzhou, Beijing. The group of patients have no means to afford having a dialysis conducted in any hospital, so they pooled together their life money, and bought machines to do it at home.

A local newspaper Jinghua Times reported the home clinic as an example of failure of health system. The home clinic was created by money from the ten patients, and it had been used exclusively by the ten patients at cost. There's no physician, and no operator. However, after it made the news, local heath bureau stormed the clinic and announced it was illegal because it did not have a license.

Last night, at the time when the same newspaper interviewed one of the patient Wu Yan, she was already badly swollen. She said she had asked the bureau whether they could arrange her to be treated at any hospital, but they hanged up on her whenever they heard her voice.

If you can't afford to be treated, your voice of course do not count. Your life is worthless, and it must be better to pull the tube, for the sake of our Party and the "harmonic society".

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