Monday, March 30, 2009

It's Your Turn, Sir?

The John Doe, who had stripped himself of any coverings, was seen reminding the communism official it's his turn to strip off. Standing behind him, are the cheering crowd of Chinese Netizens. The "news cartoon" was created by Mr. Kuang Biao. The cartoon quickly became a phenomenon itself. On one of the thousands websites that it had been trans-posted, it received over 1.6 replies within 9 days.

During the National Congress meeting two weeks ago, a minister level official was quoted as saying if people demanded officials to disclose their income, ordinary people would have to do it first. Now, many ordinary people are responding to the dare by going public with their belongings, all of them from savings, valuables, to number of dates. They are urging the government official to do the same.

An earlier post on the Sunshine Act.

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