Friday, April 09, 2010

Who is Han Han?

Hanhan is a young man born in Shanghai. His career is a race car driver, the best or one of the best in China. However, he made his name when he was a teenager, when he published his first novel (and dropped out of high school).

His top notch racing and novel writing career was overshadowed by his blog writing hobby, which made him a spiritual idol for many Chinese. He has been bold in scolding corrupted officials and ridiculing Party policies. And so far, his otherwise 'sharp' criticism has been tolerated by the communism regime. Although his blogs are often deleted, it was not clear whether the instruction was from the top of the Propaganda Ministry, or a victim of overzealous lower level network police. Han Han makes painstaking efforts to make sure his words are not provoking or inciting any actions.

Han's tranquil life style is being threatened by a Time Magazine survey of Time 100 of 2010. Only three persons from China are listed as candidates of 201. In additional to Han, other Chinese are Party Boss of Chongqing, jailed intellectual Liu Xiaobo and CEO of a Chinese search engine.

Han was not surprised by the nomination, but commented that he was not 'influential' in China at all. Han said, he was but a insignificant role with a small voice on the big stage of modern China. When hit by the spotlight, audiences see him. Taking the spot light away, no body would notice. Any Party members in China, 80 million strong, or any government officials would have deeper and more lasting impact to Chinese people. He must be right.

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