Saturday, April 24, 2010

Non-Sequitur: World Fair Surprise

Volunteers of the World Fair in Shanghai was trained to identify threats among the crowd. Detailed descriptions accompanied with vivid illustrations were offered to tell those who might be 1) Tibet Independence movement 2) Survivors of Tian'anmen massacre of 1989, and, 3) Falun Clut. The volunteers, all current college students, were surprised to hear of the massacre for the first time in their life.

'Guide to survive an earthquake' as such words: take shelter in hospitals and schools. In China, Netizens summarized after the two major earthquakes while the school buildings always collapse first, if not alone due to poor building quality, that people should look for government buildings instead, because they always stood.

In the duration of the World Fair, Internet users in Shanghai are allowed access to Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Blogspot.

Thank you Mother Party, thank you World Fair.

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