Thursday, April 15, 2010

$10,000 to Anyone Who takes my son

Father Zhang Jincai and mother Huang Meiling posed with their son Zhang Hongjie, and an enlarged check issued by China Merchants Bank.

The Henan family offers $10,000 in cash for anyone willing to adopt their eight years old son. The child is suffering from leukemia. The family had exhausted their resource to treat the boy, and hope someone can save Hongjie.

Hongjie was diagnosed with the disease in September 2008. The Zhang family had taken him to hospitals in Beijing and Tianjin. The family had used up their own savings and borrowed money of $30,000. Although their daughter had been found a match for marrow transplant, they do not have the money to perform the operation.

To save Hongjie's life, the family hope someone with money can adopt Hongjie. The family also will give $10,000 they borrowed to the medical cost.

Their postal address is: Henan Province, Kaifeng, Weishi County, Xingzhuang Xiang, Luguan Viliage, Group Five.

At this time, Zhang Hongjie is hospitalized in The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University.

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