Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Most Popular Japanese in China

The most popular Japanese among Chinese netizens at this time is 27 years old AV star Aoi Sora. A Chinese Internet surfer came across Aoi's Twitter account accidentally, and posted it on a Chinese forum. Within days, Aoi's fan base saw a boom at a rate of thousands more per hour. While Twitter is blocked by the communism government, tens of thousands of Chinese netizens learned how to circumvent the Great FireWall, 'flip-over-the-wall', overnight to follow Aoi. Aoi was happily surprised by the surge of followers from China, and started writing a Chinese edition of her twitts.

Aoi's image was further glorified when she revealed that she would raise fund for disaster relief effort for people in Yushu area, hit recently by a major earthquake. Aoi only twitted this idea in her Japanese account, but not the Chinese account. Chinese followers were touched by her consideration, and vowed to contribute.

Other Japanese AV stars favored by Chinese include Asakawa Ran (Korean) and Ai Lijima.

The last time a major Internet technology was introduced to Chinese netizen was when a Taiwan female legislature (Chu Mei-feng)'s sex video was published by a Taiwan newspaper in its entirety of almost one hour of continuous sex, foreplay and political phone calls on the bed stuff. Millions of Chinese learned to use p2p file sharing service to download the video at home. Chu later married to a man in mainland China who knew her from the video.

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