Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Zhu Haiyang Sentenced Life Without Parole

Haiyang Zhu, Virginia Tech student who beheaded a female Chinese student in an on campus cafe, was sentenced to life without parole.

Two other Chinese students who had been accused of committing murder killed themselves while under custody. Yin Zhan hanged himself after staying one year in jail. Zhang Dong hanged before sentence.

High Profile Homicide Cases of Chinese Students in the US
MurdererupdatesGraduate SchoolCrime DateHometownUndergraduate MajorUndergraduate CollegeVictimvictim undergraduate college
Xiao Chuanlinsuicide by self-hanging at the crime sceneSeptember 30, 2015North Seattle CollegeWang YaolinIndian University
Ma Tianfatally shot by policeClarkson UniversitySeptember 10, 2015Sanya, HainanMathematicsBeijing University of Aeronautics and AstronauticsJiang YazhenLu Dong University
Li Xiangnansurrendered to Chinese police, chargedSeptember, 2014Wenzhou, ZhejiangBusinessUniversity of IowaShao TongIowa State Universtiy
Ci YongfeiarrestedUIUC (PhD), Oregon State University (Master)September 27, 2013ShijiazhuangMathematicsBeijing Communication UniversityMengchen HuangChina Central Academy of Fine Arts
Lei Guanghui (Philip)arrestedUniversity of North Carolina at Greensboro (MS), Wake Forest University (PhD, incomplete), Lanzhou University (MS)April 2013PhysicsLanzhou UniversityWu Yan, Liu Bi FangUniversity of North Carolina at Greensboro
He XiaobaoarrestedNortheastern University8/17/2011TianjinManagementTianjin Normal UniversityLi ShuaiBeijing University of Communications
Li TianlechargedUniversity of Pennsylvania1/2011BeijingChemistryBeijing UniversityWang XiaoyeNanjing University
Wang LishanchargedIndiana University2010FujianMedicalHuazhong University of Science and TechnologyIndian colleague
Yu DonghaichargedUniversity of Houston at Clear Lake10/5/2009Feng Ling
Zhu Haiyanglife without paroleVirginia Tech1/21/2009NingboAgriculture and Applied EconomicsShanghai Ocean UniversityYang Xin
Chen Danleideath with 2 years suspension (in China)Purdue University8/20/2005SichuanMechanical EngineeringQinghua UniversityHe LeiQinghua University
Luo Haiming40 YearsUniversity of Louisiana Lafayette5/2004ShanghaiBiologyEast China University of Science and TechnologyChen Ting
Zhang DongHanged Self while in police custody 6/22/2004University of Kentucky2004Puyang, HenanPharmacyBeijing UniversityGu YanLiaoning Polytechnic University
Yin Zhanhanged in jailPurdue University8/2/2001ShijiazhuangBiologyHuazhong University of Science and TechnologyKorean Sisters
Chen Shiapprehended 2011, pleaded guilty 2015Jacksonville State University10/18/1996TianjinMathematicsLiu 'Linda' Zihui
Liu YingSuicide by gunshot at the scene
1993BeijingPhysicsBeijing UniversityYang BinBeijing University
Wu WeiminPurdue University3/1992Beijing University of TechnologyWang LijuanBeijing University of Technology
Lu GangSuicide by gunshot at the sceneUniversity of Iowa11/1/1991BeijingPhysicsBeijing UniversityShang Linhua, University of Science and Technology of China

A more complete list

A quick observation is the most dangerous profiling of potential murderer is: A male graduate student who was born in Beijing or Shanghai and went to college in his home city. Another thumb of rule is: most high profile Chinese students homicide cases involve three top Chinese universities: Beijing University, Qinghua University, and University of Science and Technology of China. BJU graduates always kill, USTC student always be killed, while Qinghua students killed and being killed.

Zhu Haiyang Killed and beheaded a female Chinese student Yang Xin at a cafe on the first floor of the University dorm Yang lived. Sentenced to life without parole on 4/19/2010

Luo Haiming Sentenced to 40 years in jail on 3/14/2006

Zhang Dong Killed a female Chinese student Gu Yan and dumped her body in a rural location.

Yin Zhan Killed two Korean female sisters, students of Purdue after an alleged road rage.Found hanged in his cell on 9/15/2004.

Chen Shi killed fellow JSU student Zihui Liu. Liu was last seen on 10/18/1996, and her half buried decomposed body was discovered by utility worker on 12/16/1996. Shi was arrested by USMS 14 years later in a Minneapolis Chinese restaurant where he worked as a manager.

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