Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kill the Baby

The fifty-eight underlined words read: "delivered a full-term healthy boy. Without birth-permit, the County Family Planning Office official Mr Chen Bingshou instructed the baby must die. Therefore we left clogs in the baby's mouth. The baby died in 2 minutes."

The document is the medical record at the People's Hospital of Ninghai County of Zhejiang Province. It was dated April 5th, 1999.

The baby was taken out of his mother Chen Yaqin by cesarean section. He weighted 8.65 lbs. He was killed before he got a name. He was Chen's first child. Chen was 28 years old at the time.

The communist official issued the order is Chen Bingshou, the three doctors executed the death order are Jiang Weichun, Wang Guangfu, Jiang Guifen.

They all should have gone to hell. Seriously, how can killing be stopped? If the above four were sent to hell, then it would have been stopped. And other officials and doctors would have learned a lesson, to not kill.

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