Saturday, May 31, 2008

Refugees Assulted After Questioning Relief Supplies

An 70 years old lady was beaten when she questioned a group of people on apparent misuse of relief supplies. On May 20, 2008, a group of people were witnessed partying in a relief tent on the May First Square of Mianyang. When an old lady approached and questioned the source of the tent, several guys beat the old lady, and assaulted by-passers who denounced the brutality. Soon hundreds of refugees who had been camping on the square surrounded the mobs and blocked their way out. The mobs were able to leave only with local police escort.

The Chinese government had vowed to keep track of the relief donations and supplies. However, every time a misuse of relief supply case surfaced, the government would claim it couldn't found those thefts involved. This time the government would have no excuse because the alerted Chinese Netizens had dug out the name and address of one of the crooks. The world will watch want would happen, which is the real metric of whether the Chinese government back up its big mouth with real action.

There is no excuse if the police can't locate the crook. The name on the registration of the car left behind by one of the mobs was Fan Xiaohua, his address is 4-5-8, 208 Huayuanzhong Rd, Zhongba Township, Jiangyou. The license plate of the car was Chuan-BD3732.

Another donated tent stolen, and another innocent people beaten by party officials for questioning their behavior. Ten days had passed, and now, the world is watching.

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