Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Where Did Quake Relief Resource Go

The spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Chen Gang asked the international society keep up help in supplying relief resources, with tents the highest priority and emergency. However, people have to ask where there are already too many tents sent in that they started appearing in unrelated areas and black markets for cheap, while the Chinese authorities are doing nothing about it.

Where did quake relief resource go? Wherever they go, they did not go to those who are in need. While people are suffering in the disaster area, and while people in the rest of the world are reaching deep in their pockets, many relief resources were found in placed they shouldn't belong.

A self-appointed task force formed by Chengdu Netizens was promptly mobilized to find out who is behind the numerous relief tents appeared in some luxury housing properties. Not only did they find many blue tents distributed by the Chinese Interior Ministry (the blue tent on the red, found in the Chinese Communism Party Sichuan Provincial Institute), but even those donated by the Kuwait Red Crescent Society (the white tent on the left found in Chengdu Garden). They appeared not only in some upscale housing communities (Yinxing Forest, Wanke City Garden, Shangdong Second Phase, to name a few), but also the Sichuan Province Communism Party Institute.

They also witnessed some people who are selling quake relief resources at Wanfuqiao. They were physically threatened when confronting with the crooks. They called the police a few times, but the police didn't arrive until all the bad guys were gone.

It was raining heavily again in the disaster areas. Refugees, those injured, rescue workers and soldiers alike do not have enough tents, but tents donated by the people around the world were selling on the black market. These has been going on for almost a week, with boiling angers filled on Internet forums, but where are the authorities? Busy counting money? Some heads got start rolling!

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