Friday, May 16, 2008

Who is Jiang Guohua, and Why He Must Be Shot NOW

Jiang Guohua is the CCP Party Boss of Mianzhu, a Sichuan City 100 kilometers from the center of the earthquake. Tens of thousands of people in Mianzhu did not die of the the earthquake, but die of victim of Jiang's personal political aspiration. One minute Jiang hold the Party boss position, hundreds more people are dying under rubbles in Mianzhu.

Unlike Wenchuan which sits deeply in mountains, with all roads towards outside blocked by collapsed mountains and landslides, Mianzhu is within easy access to the outside. Had the reality been told to the upper level decision makers, most if not all of the sixty thousands people burried in Mianzhu could have been saved.

Right after the earthquake happened, when the central government was collecting information on the damage, Jiang Guohua told the central government that there was little damage in his city Mianzhu. Now we know as a fact Mianzhu had the most people buried by the earthquake but too late. For more than 2 days, no rescue team or resource had been directed to Mianzhu. Two days later, many towns and villages in Mianzhu still hadn't been reached.

Many devastated Mianzhu people use Internet to unveil the desperate situation of Mianzhu and called for emergent help. When finally Mianzhu's situation was known, Jiang Guohua rushed to announce victory of the rescue mission and instructed immediate suspension of rescue effort, and start of burying bodies. In name of preventing disease, he ordered all bodies would be buried without any delay to be ID-ed. Jiang made a wrong bet at the beginning, now Jiang wish the truth to be buried forever.

The problem is there are still thousands of people buried under rubbles. To be exact, there are still sixty thousands people buried. Merely 70 hours after the earthquake happened, and less than 12 hours after mass rescue effort had been launched in Mianzhu, Jiang's order to suspend rescue is nothing less than mass murdering.

For whatever reason, traditionally and historically the CCP tends to cover whatever they deem 'negative'. It may not even be their fault, or that they are doing a poor job. They just can't take any criticism and they automatically assume any criticism is harmful to their ruling. Sixty years after they took over the control of China, they still prefer ruling in a secret manner whenever possible. After the SARS incident, the national leadership began to see the benefit of transparency and at time make use of it. It's obvious that the central government has improved a lot in the rescue operation, but some local level Party bosses just can't learn. Sadly, even after the central government has the facts straight, the lower level officials are never punished. On one hand, this kind of 'shadow' is considered as damaging to the overall image of the CCP. On the other hand, there is always a need of dirty jobs. If not now, maybe tomorrow.

We can get along but not at this time, when tens or maybe hundreds are dying at every minute.

Jiang should be shot in public as a warning to all corrupted CCP officials who takes their political aspiration over people's lives. He must be shot NOW, to save sixty thousands Mianzhu people's lives. Tomorrow would have been too late!!!!!!!!!

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