Sunday, May 18, 2008

Employee Fired After Asking Company Match for Earthquake Relief Donation

An Aviva USA employee was fired after he sent the CEO Tom Godlasky an EMail inquiring company policy on donation matching after the Sichuan Earthquake.

Aviva is a multinational insurance company with field branches in China, including five branch offices and three sales offices in the disaster area Sichuan. Several Aviva's Chinese agents in Sichuan had gone missing since the earthquake.

The employee 'Sheng' sent two inquiries to Godlasky asking about the matching policy but didn't get any response for several days. The employee was upset and wonder whether Godlasky was actually reading EMails in the past several days. He then sent a third letter in which he indicated it would be his 'last day' working for the company if he still didn't hear from the CEO. Godlasky immediately fired Sheng and kicked him out in the middle of a workday.

Conducting business in Sichuan is a privilege. The Seagull Reference recommend the Sichuan government revoke any business operation licenses that were issued to Aviva in Sichuan. Better yet, they should be banned from operating in China, and boycotted by Chinese all over the world.


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This is my third mail and the last mail to you, since I heard nothing from you for several days. I anticipate you never read any mail from low class employees in this company. You might want to eat your own words in the speech for United Ways last year.

Have you ever seen the following? Is it none of Aviva's business? Maybe it is none of "'Tech-Savvy' CEO" 's business.

Some Aviva agents missing after China earthquake China's State Council today said that the death toll from Monday's massive earthquake could reach as high as 50,000 lives. The official death toll reached at least 19,500 in Sichuan province alone where the quake was centered. Rescue teams continue to comb through the destruction in search of survivors.

Aviva has a branch office in Chengdu, capital of Sichuan, four sub-branches and three sales offices in the province. All 172 Aviva-Cofco employees are confirmed safe. The majority of Aviva's 1,422 agents and 290 other partners in the province are confirmed okay. However, most of the 74 agents of the Dujiangyan sales office, located very close to the epicenter, have yet to be accounted for.

I am not begging money from you, while I was just wondering if our company could match my $1000 donation this time or not. I guess the company reimburse your blackberry expense for some reason.

Today is my last day in this company. If you want to change your poor image in my mind, do something fast. Do not waste your talent and the title in Aviva plc.


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