Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What did Chinese Government do Wrong

1) although there's no reliable way in earthquake forecast, officials roughly know which areas are more susceptible to major earthquake attacks. This information should have been shared with the public. For example, Seattle had a major earthquake overdue. Southern California is expected to have a major earthquake in 20-30 years. If this information is known by the public, then people can make plans and arrangements accordingly in their daily life. Many lives could have been saved if an escape route planned at their schools and work places.

2) It's understandable to weigh in the factor of social stability when making earthquake warning decisions. However, it is 'plainly wrong' to have the summer Olympic Game as a factor in making such decision. Olympic is a timely event, which should never be a factor in decision making process.

3) As reporters asked this morning in the news press, why so many school buildings collapsed? This must be investigated after the completion of the disaster relief.

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