Monday, May 19, 2008

Common Heros: Kang Jie

Kang Jie is an 11 years old girl of Yingxiu Elementary. When the earthquake struck, she was in a classroom on the sixth floor. The teacher told all students to run. At first she hided under a desk, then she decided to jump out of the window, "I tried to make my butts hit the ground", she recalled. With luck, or whatever miracle, she was almost unhurt, with only scratches on her legs.

Next, when she found herself was able to move, she ran into the falling building to search for survivors. Because teachers stayed behind, most injured left in the building are teachers. She pulled many teachers out of the rubble.

Kang Jie's mother is Yang Xiuxiang, a 41 years old insurance agent. Kang Jie was rescued by helicopter to a hospital in Chengdu. Because only patients can be air-lifted, Yang Xiuxiang was not allowed to go with her daughter. Kang Jie's father died of the earthquake.

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