Friday, May 23, 2008

Protesting Chengdu Residents Tear Gased by Police

A Chengdu resident climbed on the top of car to take a picture of the police woman, No. 006677.

It had been raining like no end in the disaster area after the Sichuan Earthquake, and refugees had to stay overnight on the street in cold rain. Where had those tents donated by people around the world gone? No detective is needed, they were stolen.

Police used tear gas on people protesting officials stealing donated tents. The incident started when self-appointed Netizens mobilized to find out the truth behind numerous relief supply tents appeared in stores on Chengdu streets. Chengdu is not a disaster area of this earthquake, but these tents are all relief supplies that were not for sale. Some of the tents found on black markets were donated from foreign countries.

Police forces were dispatched to suppress the protesting people who discovered a location of illegal retail place on Beisen Road. When more than 870,0000 affected by the quake do not have a tent for the night and the government placed the up most priority on getting in more tents, it's understandable the situation was explosive already. The bomb was ignited when a police woman, No. 006677 (police woman in the picture taken by protectors) told the protectors that they did not have a say on corruptions, and beat some of the protectors.

Soon many angry Chengdu residents came to confront the

police woman, No. 006677

, and demanded an apology. Instead of issuing an apology, the police chose to use tear gas to disperse the protectors. Around 30-40 policemen were seen beating Chengdu residents with batons. Many women, children and elderly people were beaten by the police, just because they happened to be witnesses of corruptions in the earthquake relief.

It would be the first time Chengdu residents were tear gased by police after the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989.

In one sense, foreign government and organizations should stopped donating tents to China. If they stop sending tents, then corrupted communism officials will have nothing to steal, then innocent people will not be beaten by police. In the least, anyone who still wants to donate needs to get an answer from the Chinese government first: Who is the police women No. 006677? Who are the police women No. 006677 trying to cover? Who ordered the use of tear gas on people who dare to point out officials corruption? How were the 40 Chengdu policemen rewarded for beating protectors?

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