Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hitachi Refused to Fix Troubling Elevator

A newly elevator installed in Building 11 in No. 1 Wanjiang of Dongguan, Guangdong made several residents hospitalized, though no one had died of it, yet.

An incomplete record of the symptoms includes:

19:20 July 7, 2009, Lost power and dropped;
17:00 July 10, 2009, Dropped from 8th floor to 7th while ascending;
14:00 July 11, 2009, Dropped from 6th floor to second while ascending;
21:30 July 13, 2009, Dropped from 9th floor to 7th while ascending;
13:25 July 15, 2009, Dropped from 7th floor to 5th while ascending;
8:50 July 21, 2009, Lost power and dropped

The Hitachi elevator, among 35 others in the community, is still within warranty. The property managing company had reported to Hitachi repeatedly, and Hitachi had revealed the surveillance camera of dropping incidences. However, Hitachi couldn't locate the cause of the problem, and refused to fix it.

Chinese consumers often complained the handling Chinese market by Japanese companies. In a high profile case, Mitsubishi refused to recall SUVs sold in China on a fuel line issue after similar mode vehicles had been recalled in Japan. Although large amount of the affected SUVs were used by the Chinese military, Mitsubishi resisted the media pressure and public outcry to issue the recall.

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