Thursday, July 30, 2009

Photo Questioned Defandent Substituted

With China's road condition, it's a surprise how a traffic accident attracted not only national and international media attention, but also triggered mass protests in Hanghzou and cross the country. Some attribute the public reaction as a reflection of the tension between ordinary people and those with ways and means.

The police was booed when they stated the car was traveling at 70km per hour, and later had to apologize to the public for using the driver's words without verification. Officials at the city and provincial level were scrutinized on their response. Car modification industry were all together banned. Qishima (70 km per hour in Chinese) because a new word in online as well as in serious writings. The case went to trail, and the driver was sentenced to 5 years in prison. Amazingly, the case just seen yet another new development.

The online community along with the traditional media, are questioning the authenticity of the defendant. They charge that the man appeared in court is not the man appeared in amateur videos shot at the scene of the accident. They remarked that the defendant in the court looks younger. The court issued a statement saying the defendant had been in custody of the court and he indeed is the driver who caused the accident. Skipping through the radar of everyone and media, this is the first and only one official statement regarding the authenticity of a detainee in communism China history ever since 1949. It is history being made.

Today, photos circulated on the Internet showed differences of biological traits of the two person. The photo on the left is from the court photo taken by reporters, and the photo on the right is captured from a video of the accident.

Left Ear:

Scar on right arm:

It's nothing new when a poor are paid to cover crime committed by a rich person. However, it is history being made when a communism court are forced to make the clarification, regardless whether they are telling lies or not.

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