Friday, July 10, 2009

Residents Took Law Into Own Hands

An old gentleman in Lanzhou took law into his own hands. On the night of July 9, 2009, armed with a pile of construction bricks, the old man threw brinks to any vehicle that ran red lights at an intersection near his neighborhood Jingangcheng.

Hundreds of local residents gathered along roadside to cheer for the brave act. A reporter from Tianjin Daily counted 8 vehicles damaged in half hour, and he saw more old men joined the act. Still many cars ignored the traffic lights. The moment a brick flying to a car, loud cheering broke out from the crowd.

The seventy years old gentleman told the reporter he had several near miss when crossing the street. Many drivers just ignore the traffic lights and the police never paid attention to his complaint.

Three hours later around 10 pm, police from the Dunhuang Road Station came to the scene and told the old man to stop.

Three days earlier eight hundred miles down south in city of Nanjing, thousands of people gathered at an busy roadside to mourn six pedestrians who were killed by a drunk driver on June 30. Among the victims was a pregnant mom, whose near full term fetus was popped out by the impact. The driver a wealthy businessman was driving a car owned by a state prosecutor. The driver fled the scene but was stopped by a taxi who witnessed the crime. When interviewed by a reporter by phone (recorded), the prosecutor said, quote, 'who cares several lives lost, nothing can't be paid with money'.

Update: a follow-up report on July 11 on the Lanzhou case said no charge had been filed by police, and no owner of damaged vehicles had approached for compensation.

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