Thursday, July 23, 2009

Love Paradox

Does sex change to love, after being paid?

The glowing hot topic among Chinese scholars recently is not about science, but about a scientist who had been deeply stuck in a sex adventure.

It started as a paid sex, but soon turned into a romantic relationship, which was to be interrupted by a separation by the Pacific Ocean. A wedding and a divorce (on different side) are to be followed, and now it's the hottest issue on the XYS forum frequented by Chinese scholars.

The scientist's name is Li Miao 'Mew', the woman's name is Liao Xingjun 'Yuzi'.

39 years old Mew paid 800 RMB Yuan ($100) for the first night, which 34 years old Yuzi accepted, in a morning of 2001. Mew got up and went to work, while Yuzi waited for him in the room. Mew paid another 800 RMB Yuan for the second night. On the third night, Mew suggested he would pay, but on a discount rate since the relationship was prolonged then he had expected. The relationship continued on and off for 8 years. They made love in Mew's office, hotel rooms, and bedroom (when Mew's wife was away).

Eight years later, Mew matured to be a promising candidate for the prestigious 'academician' title. Yuzi matured to a divorced middle-age lady who wanted a reasonable ending of the otherwise healthy, fairy story.

So does it matter whether you have paid (for the love)?

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