Thursday, July 09, 2009

Ordinary Chinese Do Not Trust Western Media

The Chinese government invited western media to cover the Urumqi massacre committed by US sponsored Muslim World Uyghur Congress (WUC) terrorists. However, ordinary Chinese are angry at western media, and have not been reluctant to hide their dislike. ABC said its reporters were booed by Chinese people at the scene. Now, let us find out why.

Look at this picture, which appears on the front pages of almost every western media, including ABC. A Muslim Uyghur old lady confronted a squad of heavily armed Chinese police. The picture resembles an iconic image of the Tian'anmen Massacre committed by the Communists Party's People's Liberation Army against protesting students who had been conducting a hunger strike on the Tian'anmen Square. We see sharp contract between an armless old lady and the fully geared up police and armed police trucks. The image shall surely make a lasting effect to remind the world the nature of the conflict days ago, that is a peaceful protest was brutally cracked down by the military.

However, according to eye witnesses there's another side of the story. The old lady was staged by the western media. The lady was instructed by the media, including ABC, as to her position, posture, and body gesture, to the details as of the color and style of her scarf. This is evident when readers see this picture on the right (viewers and readers of ABC will never be shown this picture, of course).

ABC reported they saw scores of angry non-Muslim Han Chinese on the streets with wooden poles in hand looking for revenge. What they didn't mention was that the hundreds of bodies on the streets were all Han people, many women and little children, slain by Muslim Uyghur terrorists. Many died from one cut on throat, typical Muslim style.

When ABC reported Muslim Moms and Wives got on the streets to demand releasing of their husbands and sons, they didn't mention the hundreds of non-Muslim Han Chinese who had been murdered just a couple of days ago. Many bodies are still laying on the street of Urumqi. Urumqi is not an isolated remote village. It is a provincial capital city with over 2 million residents. Many western people work and travel there on daily basis. Not even one of them saw a Muslim killed by police or non-Muslim Han people. Many of the foreigner wrote or post on the Internet their account of the sudden nondiscriminatory ethnic massacre committed by Muslim Uyghur. While, no major western media mention that, and they don't bother to interview them. Instead, they focus their camera on the Muslim Moms and wives shouting at soldiers demanding their criminal men released. What perfect picture!

The western media had been using the same headline for days: Peaceful Protest Brutally Cracked Down. Still while the WUC was asked to provide any picture of police brutality against Uyghur protesters, they could produce none. The only picture the President of the WUC showed at a press conference on July 8th, three days after the ethnic cleansing committed by the Muslim Uyghur against non-Muslim Han Chinese, was scene of another protest in Shishou of Hubei Province. 2000 miles away from Urumqi, and one year apart. While every Chinese know the picture is fake, and some pointed out immediately. The picture still appeared on major western media, with caption: photo showing Chinese military build up in Urumqi.

American media really shouldn't laugh. First of all, it's not a good time to laugh on the death of hundreds people bluntly killed by Muslim terrorist on the streets of their home city. Secondly, terrorists do migrate and spread. After they conquer China, where should they go next?

A picture tells more than 1000 words. However, it takes two pictures to tell the truth, at least that is the case with western media, such as ABC.

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