Thursday, July 09, 2009

Uyghua, Chinese and the Communist Party

After the ethnic cleansing against majority Han Chinese committed by the Islamic Uyghua terrorists on July 5, 2009, it is puzzled to see the Communism government made no effort to protect its majority people from being slaughtered, but rather declared everything normal.

Chinese has its cultural established thousands of years ago, most notably 2000 years ago at the beginning of Han Dynasty when Idea of Ru (represented by ideas of Confucius). Chinese culture suggest making compromise, walking the central path between left and right. Chinese cultural advocate strict social order, while children respect parents and students respect mentors. Communism, on the other hand, was imported from abroad, and replied on extreme and radical measure to achieve its goals.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is really a communist party enslaves Chinese, rather than a party of Chinese. For the CCP, the number one challenge to its survival is the Chinese people, especially the Han Chinese majority. Knowing this is the key to decipher the unfair ethnic policy adopted by the CCP while it places the Han Chinese to the bottom of social structure. Ethnic minority could get away from any crime committed towards Han Chinese, including rape and murder.

Some western journalists were shocked once they arrived the scene of the July 5 massacre. Malcolm Moore of Telegraph had to cross out his reporting (imaginary reporting, as most other western media do) of the day before. It never occured to his mind that it could the the opposite as to what they had been told by overseas Islamic Uyghur groups, and what they have belived in for life. He wrote:

Turning over the riots in my mind, I concede I was wrong in my last post to suggest that Rebiya Kadeer (the President of the Islamic World Uyghur Congress, a Washington based terrorist organization) would rise in stature as a result of the riots.

When I wrote the post, I had limited information and I jumped to the conclusion that the 156 victims of Sunday’s violence were Uighur.

In fact, it appears that the majority of the victims were Han Chinese, brutally killed by gangs of Uighurs roaming through the back streets of Urumqi. There are some horrific pictures circulating of rows of bloodied bodies and cyclists lying in puddles of blood with their heads bashed in.

Rebiya Kadeer’s claims that 400 Uighurs were killed on Sunday were dismissed by my colleagues on the ground, who have neither seen nor heard any evidence to back up her accusation.

I apologise for running ahead of the facts, but the idea that Chinese troops had been unable to prevent the Uighurs from murdering Han Chinese honestly never occurred to me.

Now that the sequence of events is clearer, I have a lot of praise for the Chinese security operation in the city. According to Peter Foster, who is on the scene, they managed to prevent escalating situations getting out of hand several times yesterday with calm and judicious policing.

He shouldn't have been surprised, had he understood that the communism government is not a Chinese government, and had never operated in the interest of majority Chinese people. Actually, if traidational Chinese cultural and value provailed, the CCP would have been eradicated from China.

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