Saturday, July 18, 2009

Steven Chu Preaches at Grandpa's Podium

Energy Secretary and Nobel laureate (Physics 1997) Steven Chu talked global climate change to faculty and students of Tianjin University on July 17, 2009.

Tianjin University is the first modern university of China, founded in 1895 by Qing Dynasty government. It was known as Peiyang University and Imperial Tientsin University.

A student Li Shutian studied entered Peiyang preparatory in 1917, and graduated from Peiyang University first of class in 1923 with a Bachelor of Engineering degree. Li received a PhD from Cornell University in 1926, after which he accepted a teaching position at his Alma mater. Li became the president of National Peiyang University in 1934 and held the position until the communists took over the country in 1949. Li is Steven Chu's grandfather.

Penyang's history could be extended to Tenney College established by Gustav Derting in 1887. All faculty and students of the Tenney College along its campus were absorbed when Peiyang University was approved by the emperor as the first modern university in China.

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