Friday, July 31, 2009

Civil Rights Lawyer Detained

Lawyer Mr. Zhiyong Xu was detained by police. His name was blacklisted by the CCP's propaganda branch. Searching for his name in Google Chinese returns a message saying the search term contains illegal words.

Mr. Xu represented victims of Sanlu Milk.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Green Light for Racism

Australia just gave a green light for racism by sentencing John Caratozzolo 'the laughing assassin' 10 years for kicking a Chinese to death for fun.

21 years old John Caratozzolo is a ring leader of a group of white young Australian who habitually makes fun by torturing randomly chosen Asian targets on the Melbourne street. According to court document, on January 26, 2008, John Caratozzolo and his ring of four decided to rob an Indian of a mobile phone after an unsuccessful sexual assault to two girls on a parking lot. The ring went on street looking for an Indian, but found Dr. Zhongjun Cao, a scholar of Victoria University walking home. Caratozzolo and the ring turned to Dr. Cao, kicked him to death. The group joked and laughed in the process while Dr. Cao was dying on the ground. Later, the ring went on to find an Indian student and robbed him his mobile phone.

John Caratozzolo had been before the court on three different occasions, with 2 for violence against Asians.

The Victorian Supreme Court Justice David Harper, a white judge, sentenced John Caratozzolo, the white murder who kill Asians for fun to 10 years in prison. Justice said in court he recognized there was an element of racism involved and that Caratozzolo had been proud of being a 'laughing assassin'. Justice Harper went on and praised Caratozzolo for going through the trail with a positive attitude including smiling to the court all the time, and admitting the killing was for fun. Justice Harper noted the sentence factored in John Caratozzolo's excellent history and upfront guilty plead. With 549 days in detention already after being arrested, John Caratozzolo is expected to walk on the street to kill more Asians soon.

Reactions: An overwhelmingly white Australian population hailed the sentence, and Justice David Harper as an exemplary case of upholding the law.

The Order of Australia hailed Justice Harper 'for service to law reform, to the judiciary, and in the area of international humanitarian law, and to the community through support services for the care and resettlement of offenders and their families.'

Dr. Cao's widow Ms. Jingfang Zhou says,
"Zhongjun was a very good husband and father. We have had a very happy family. He and I worked in Henan University in China before we came to Australia. … I fell in love with him at first sight. Pretty soon, we were married in March 1990. We had our lovely daughter in 1991, when he was only 24. He loved our daughter and me very much. He worked very hard and tried to give us the best possible future. … I have had such a happy marriage and had been so spoiled by my husband that I found it difficult to understand why some couples want to separate. I thank my husband very much in my life for the love and care he gave to me and our daughter. We have been husband and wife for nearly 20 years. It seems that we just met, even better than when we were newlyweds. … Nothing harsh came from his mouth in the last 20 years. He is not just my husband. He is also my best friend and soul mate … . I have always thought of myself as one of the happiest wives in the world before the tragedy. Now I become possibly the saddest one.

"… My husband, who was so young and healthy … died in such a tragic way at the age of 41 years old. My husband called me before he left his office on that terrible night. When I saw him the next day, he lay on the bed in the hospital maintaining his life with the aid of a life support machine … One week later he became an ash in front of me. My husband disappeared suddenly from my life in this way. Can you imagine how it is like? Can you imagine how my daughter and I feel? I lost my husband when I was 42 and my daughter lost her beloved father when she was just 16 years old. I do not know who can accept such a loss. My family was destroyed totally and the pain cannot be cured in my lifetime. … My daughter and I are living in a nightmare … and can never get out of it. How much does my husband’s life deserve? How much does the happiness which my family had owned before my husband’s tragedy deserve? …

"I lost something which is more than my life. Life has become meaningless for me without my husband. I do not know how I can live a life with such a pain in my heart. Life becomes a burden and I do not know how to deal with it. … My career has also been negatively affected significantly. I used to be one of the most productive researchers in my Institute, and was offered a research position before I finished my Doctorate of Philosophy …(but) even after I finally gathered enough strength to go back to work, I found myself struggling with the work I used to enjoy so much. I could not focus on reading, and have hardly read any papers in the last one and a half years (although) reading five to 10 papers a day (was) an easy task for me before."

Dr. Cao's daughter says,
"The image of dad lying on a hospital bed is one that will haunt me for the rest of my life, looking barely recognisable with his face badly swollen, eyelids black and purple, head half shaved so that he could have his skull removed to reduce pressure from his brain and dried blood down his legs and in his ears. A million tubes of different shapes and functions were attached to him while machines beeped and flashed around him.

"Those four days at the hospital were the hardest time that I have experienced in my life and possibly will ever experience. Mum barely slept or ate at all … when we stayed in the hospital and did nothing but talk to my dad, even though he probably couldn’t hear us but we still did anyway. When the doctors told us that there really was no hope for my dad, he had only a small amount of blood flow to his brain and was only living by the aid of life support, it was just like the sky had collapsed over us. …

"Agreeing to it was the most heartbreaking and painful decision we have made. When I walked into dad’s room after the life support had been switched off and seeing him lying on the bed, at first I couldn’t believe that this was actually happening – it just looked like he was sleeping. Mum was beside herself crying, going hysterical and kissing dad on the cheek, calling his name as if he could wake up and answer her. It was so hard seeing mum like that because she was usually such a strong person."

"When I went to hold dad’s hand, the hand that looked after me and did so much for me, cooked dinner for me and mum and worked non-stop, the reality hit me hard – it felt so cold. That was when I started crying and just could not stop myself. … Dad’s death had taken away my most valued beliefs from me: my faith in the fairness of life and of God, the thought that tomorrow will always be better and the security of knowing my family would always be there to support me through everything. Those heartless murderers have not only taken away an innocent, harmless person’s life, but have (dramatically) changed my life, my mum’s life and the lives of all those who knew him. I toss and turn late at night, not able to get to sleep, thinking about how I would have felt if I was in dad’s position, beaten to death while people watched on.

"Life was just so unfair … My dad was one of the nicest, kindest and most patient people I knew; everyone (who) knows him has said that. … Not ever in my wildest nightmares I thought something like this would happen to my dad … I thought good people will get what they deserve, but I didn’t think that was so true anymore."

After the sentencing, Ms. Zhou told reporters she thanked for support from Asian society. However, she no longer felt safe in Australia. She said, 'we had thought Australia was very safe, actually it is not. People in this country do not kill people for money, for a thirsty for cruelty and blood. Once they felt unhappy, they would kill immigrants for fun without a reason. I had never realized this. Their motivation to kill is incomprehensible for other human beings.'


By all means, it's not the first time overseas Chinese were killed, for being mistaken as someone else. While the Asian community in Australia cried foul, Justice Harper apologized to the laughing assassin. Current Australian law carries a minimum 10 years prison in murdering case, he explained; on the bright side, he added, a tougher, stronger Asian hunter would be walking on the same street less than 10 years. Justice Harper is a second cousin of Judge Charles Kaufman of Wayne County Circuit Court of State of Michigan.

On the night of June 19, 1982, Chinese American Vincent Chin was having his bachelor's party, he was mistaken to be a Japanese and beaten by a group of white American auto workers. At the time, there was strong anti-Japanese sentiment in the US because of success of Japanese cars in the US market. Chin was able to get away from the initial fight at the party, and sought refuge at a nearby McDonald's restaurant. The autoworkers launched a mass man haunt, and posted a reward to Chin's whereabouts. They located Chin, and beaten him to death with a baseball bat. Two off duty policemen witnessed the beating. They later arrested Ronald Ebens at the murder scene. Judge Kaufman gave Ebens no jail time, but three years of probation and a fine of $3,000 plus $780 court fee. Judge Kaufman raised the racial factor of the defendants, in response to Asian American society's outcry, he pointed to the white murders and wrote, "you don't make the punishment fit the crime; you make the punishment fit the criminal".

Lily Chin, the mother of the victim asked, 'what kind of law is this? What kind of justice? This happened because my son is Chinese. If two Chinese killed a white person, they must go jail, maybe for their whole lives.. Something is wrong with this country.'

The Asian American community unsuccessfully tried to keep the fight in the Federal judicial system. In the end, all murderers of Vincent Chin were acquitted in Federal court.

Photo Questioned Defandent Substituted

With China's road condition, it's a surprise how a traffic accident attracted not only national and international media attention, but also triggered mass protests in Hanghzou and cross the country. Some attribute the public reaction as a reflection of the tension between ordinary people and those with ways and means.

The police was booed when they stated the car was traveling at 70km per hour, and later had to apologize to the public for using the driver's words without verification. Officials at the city and provincial level were scrutinized on their response. Car modification industry were all together banned. Qishima (70 km per hour in Chinese) because a new word in online as well as in serious writings. The case went to trail, and the driver was sentenced to 5 years in prison. Amazingly, the case just seen yet another new development.

The online community along with the traditional media, are questioning the authenticity of the defendant. They charge that the man appeared in court is not the man appeared in amateur videos shot at the scene of the accident. They remarked that the defendant in the court looks younger. The court issued a statement saying the defendant had been in custody of the court and he indeed is the driver who caused the accident. Skipping through the radar of everyone and media, this is the first and only one official statement regarding the authenticity of a detainee in communism China history ever since 1949. It is history being made.

Today, photos circulated on the Internet showed differences of biological traits of the two person. The photo on the left is from the court photo taken by reporters, and the photo on the right is captured from a video of the accident.

Left Ear:

Scar on right arm:

It's nothing new when a poor are paid to cover crime committed by a rich person. However, it is history being made when a communism court are forced to make the clarification, regardless whether they are telling lies or not.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Straighten Blood

Deputy Director of Beijing Red Cross Blood Center Shi Weiwei told reporters gay people and drug addicts were not allowed to donate blood because they are high risk HIV population. 'The risk is especially among male homosexuals with multiple sexual partners,' she said.

One Man's Death

The general manager of Tonghua Steel Company was beaten to death by angry workers after threatening to fire the entire workforce, 30,000 workers. Workers held on the plant until the provincial government announced Jianlong would not take over Tonghua Steel through television broadcasting.

Chen Guojun was appointed by the private Jianlong Group of Hebei Province. Jianlong's Chiar is son of General Liu Huaqing, deputy Chair of the CCP's central military committee. The CCP's Party boss is Wang Min, nephew of former president Jiang Zemin. With Wang's help, Liu was able to obtain Tonghua, a Top 500 (No. 244 overall in year 2008, No. 128 in manufacturing and No. 195 in taxation) enterprise of China with little investment. Liu rose to Top 10 richest Chinese in 2008 by obtaining state owned enterprises at little or zero cost.

None of the 9 people politico members visited Urumqi after the riot killed 197 innocent civilians, mostly ethic Chinese by Uyghurs. However, Premier Wen Jiabao immediately flew to Tonghua to examine the situation after Chen's death. A general manager with a powerful background weighs heavier than 197 civilians.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hitachi Refused to Fix Troubling Elevator

A newly elevator installed in Building 11 in No. 1 Wanjiang of Dongguan, Guangdong made several residents hospitalized, though no one had died of it, yet.

An incomplete record of the symptoms includes:

19:20 July 7, 2009, Lost power and dropped;
17:00 July 10, 2009, Dropped from 8th floor to 7th while ascending;
14:00 July 11, 2009, Dropped from 6th floor to second while ascending;
21:30 July 13, 2009, Dropped from 9th floor to 7th while ascending;
13:25 July 15, 2009, Dropped from 7th floor to 5th while ascending;
8:50 July 21, 2009, Lost power and dropped

The Hitachi elevator, among 35 others in the community, is still within warranty. The property managing company had reported to Hitachi repeatedly, and Hitachi had revealed the surveillance camera of dropping incidences. However, Hitachi couldn't locate the cause of the problem, and refused to fix it.

Chinese consumers often complained the handling Chinese market by Japanese companies. In a high profile case, Mitsubishi refused to recall SUVs sold in China on a fuel line issue after similar mode vehicles had been recalled in Japan. Although large amount of the affected SUVs were used by the Chinese military, Mitsubishi resisted the media pressure and public outcry to issue the recall.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Union Hospital Criticized

The Peking Union Medical College Hospital (Beijing Union Hospital) was criticized for not responding to a traffic accident 300 feet away.

At 10:10 am July 23, 2009, 300 feet away from the Beijing Union Hospital, a young woman was stuck by a bus. It is on a crowded heavy traffic street right at downtown Beijing. Police came within minutes, but ambulance never came. Police followed normal traffic accident procedure, surveyed the scene, and marked the position of the victim on the ground. With concerns of the injury, the police left the woman remain laying while calling for medical assistance. In the next 40 minutes, hundreds of bystanders gathered and more police arrived at the scene. Everyone was calling for medical help, but no medical personnel ever showed up. Police and bystanders went as far as going to the Union Hospital on foot (it's not that far anyway) to ask for help.

With time passing by, a puddle of blood spread out under the woman's body. The crowded finally exploded with angry and frustration. Against police's instruction, bystanders carried the woman to the ER.

Union Hospital is one of the first modern hospitals set up in China. It is also known for the death of Liang Qichao, one of the most prominent Chinese scholars in history. Liang was suffered with kidney disease. In a time when Chinese society was wavering on whether to embrace modern technology, Liang decided to take a surgery despite most of his friends suggested traditional Chinese medicine. However, his healthy immediately got worse after the surgery. Union Hospital soon realized its doctors had removed his healthy left kidney, while kept his failed right kidney. Liang was worried on the possible reaction from the ordinary people if the fact leaked out and ordered keeping it a secret. Liang died in a few days.

The Beijing Union Hospital is part of the Qinghua University. A full length video of the incident was posted to video sharing website youku by a bystander.

UA to Suspend Beijing-Washington Route

Effective Oct 25, 2009, United Airlines will suspend its PEK-IAD route indefinitely. Tickets already booked for this route had been canceled or re-routed via Chicago.

UA 897/898 is the only route between capitals of China and the US, the two largest economies in the world. United gained the right of this route after winning a fierce competition for a route (rare resource) between the two countries. However, since its inception, Boeing 747 Jumbo jets had been replaced by smaller 777s, and daily operation had been reduced to multiple services in a week. Still the demand has been high. Tickets have been well sought after. Price of this route is higher than others (San New York City to Beijing, Francisco to Shanghai, etc.). In general, the flights have been full. The outlook from a frequent passenger's angle does not appear to be as bad as that from the UA administration. Perhaps the executives are eager to show the board they are cutting, something; Oh well, not on your own legs.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Taking Care of Your Own People

Taking care of your own people, that's the least we would ask for the leader of a free land and what President Obama did last night. Taking the opportunity of his health reform speech to the nation, President Obama told the TV audiences, "I think it’s fair to say, No. 1, any of us would be pretty angry. No. 2, the Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home. And No. 3, what I think we know separate and apart from this incident is there is a long history in this country of African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by police disproportionately. That’s just a fact.

To replay what had happened in the middle of the day on Thursday July 16, 2009: Harvard 'University Professor' (that's a title held by about 20 most prestigious professors of Harvard) Henry Gates came back to his home near Harvard campus after a long trip overseas. His front door was found jammed, so he enlisted help from his driver to shoulder in, an act caught sight by a lady worked down the street. The woman called police to report two individuals forcing in a house at the address.

Six police officers of the Cambridge Police were sent to check it out. The police asked the professor for his driver's license. It started as Sgt. Crowley asked for an ID, and Mr. Gates replied 'No, I will not'. Having been making a living by teaching on racial issues, Professor Gates yelled to the officer, 'this is what happened to Black men in America'. After a few back and forth, the professor produced his Harvard ID, which bears his name and title, but does not include a home address. The professor was obviously annoyed and advised the police 'you don't know who your messing with'. The police insisted on the driver's license. The professor refused and pulled out the racial card. When the police asked him to step out to clarify, the professor responded, 'I will talk to your Mama outside'. Finally the professor produced his driver's license and the police retreated. The professor chased down the police on foot to the outside and shouted racial slurs when he was arrested for disorderly conduct.

Love Paradox

Does sex change to love, after being paid?

The glowing hot topic among Chinese scholars recently is not about science, but about a scientist who had been deeply stuck in a sex adventure.

It started as a paid sex, but soon turned into a romantic relationship, which was to be interrupted by a separation by the Pacific Ocean. A wedding and a divorce (on different side) are to be followed, and now it's the hottest issue on the XYS forum frequented by Chinese scholars.

The scientist's name is Li Miao 'Mew', the woman's name is Liao Xingjun 'Yuzi'.

39 years old Mew paid 800 RMB Yuan ($100) for the first night, which 34 years old Yuzi accepted, in a morning of 2001. Mew got up and went to work, while Yuzi waited for him in the room. Mew paid another 800 RMB Yuan for the second night. On the third night, Mew suggested he would pay, but on a discount rate since the relationship was prolonged then he had expected. The relationship continued on and off for 8 years. They made love in Mew's office, hotel rooms, and bedroom (when Mew's wife was away).

Eight years later, Mew matured to be a promising candidate for the prestigious 'academician' title. Yuzi matured to a divorced middle-age lady who wanted a reasonable ending of the otherwise healthy, fairy story.

So does it matter whether you have paid (for the love)?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

SinoPec Outsmarted By Chinese Netizens

SinoPec was forced to admit they bought a $2.5 million chandelier in a new office building.

In the past week, Chinese BBS and online forums were infected with posts alleging SinoPec, a state owned petroleum company, spent $30 million on a chandelier when they upgrade their office building. Yesterday, the company made a clarification statement that the chandelier only cost $2.5 million.

SinoPec is resented by almost every private driver because of their pricing on gasoline, and their claim that gasoline should be sold at the same price in China and in the US.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Steven Chu Preaches at Grandpa's Podium

Energy Secretary and Nobel laureate (Physics 1997) Steven Chu talked global climate change to faculty and students of Tianjin University on July 17, 2009.

Tianjin University is the first modern university of China, founded in 1895 by Qing Dynasty government. It was known as Peiyang University and Imperial Tientsin University.

A student Li Shutian studied entered Peiyang preparatory in 1917, and graduated from Peiyang University first of class in 1923 with a Bachelor of Engineering degree. Li received a PhD from Cornell University in 1926, after which he accepted a teaching position at his Alma mater. Li became the president of National Peiyang University in 1934 and held the position until the communists took over the country in 1949. Li is Steven Chu's grandfather.

Penyang's history could be extended to Tenney College established by Gustav Derting in 1887. All faculty and students of the Tenney College along its campus were absorbed when Peiyang University was approved by the emperor as the first modern university in China.

Friday, July 17, 2009

National Secret

The official notification of the police's decision to not allow the suspect meet with his lawyer, issued by the Police Bureau of Mawei District, Fuzhou, the capital city of Fujian Province. Criminal case denial note No. 001 of 2009.

By Criminal Prosecuation Act, 96-2, because the slander case is related to national secret, it is decided to deny lawyer Lin Hongnan's request to meet his client the suspect Wu Huamin.

Five Chinese netizens were arrested and charged for leaking national secret after they forwarded a post which detailed a 25 years old woman was gang-raped by police of Minqing County, Fujian Province.

Yan Xiaoling was gang-raped by a group of eight people, including several cops and state prosecutors between February 10 and 11 of 2008. Her mother was shown a dead body in the county hospital on the evening of 2/11/2008. She was naked when her body was sent to the hospital. Detail description by the medical personnel showed she had not only been gang-raped, but also raped after her death.

Later, father of one of the guys admitted to a relative that his son was involved.

However, local police refused to press charge. After destroying the body, the police announced that Yan died of ectopic pregnancy for 6 months. Yan's mother questioned the conclusion because Yan had menstrual came one month ago.

Yan's mother appealed the police's conclusion and started complaining to higher authorities ever since. She posted the case to the Internet on June 23, 2009, and some netizens forwarded her post to other forums. Five people were arrested.

After waiting for 7 days, yesterday their lawyers were notified by Police Bureau of Mawei District of Fuzhou city, Fujian Province. they would not be allowed to meet their clients because the case was about national secret. Reporters are also banned from covering the case also citing national secret.

One of the lawyers, Mr. Liu Xiaoyuan of Beijing, questioned the logic of declaring the case a national secret. The netizens were charged with slander, which was regulated in the civil code. Nevertheless, they were prosecuted by the police as a criminal case.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Perhaps February, Perhaps March

'Rapist' Zhan Ranmeng was sentenced two years in jail by the People's Court of Dongzhi County, Chizhou, Anhui Province. The court found he along with two other men raped a woman in one day of, 'perhaps February, perhaps March' of 2008.

The defendants insisted on their innocence.

When news media questioned the verdict, the court replied that it had been a common practice of the court (to use vague phrases in the verdict) when the police could not provide accurate information before the trail starts. The head judge of the case, Judge Mr. Gao Guiwei refused to comment on the verdict.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Chinese Kids Eye Colleges in USA

A summer camp advertisement stuck on a billboard of local high school graduates admitted to top US colleges in front of the Tianjin Book Building (TJBB).

The annual national college entrance examination had been traditionally known as a single log bridge competed by tens of thousands of troops. The portrait was not an exaggeration when you consider 600,000 would be accepted by colleges out of over 8,000,000 attempted in 1989.

However, after a national policy to expand college admissions, over 4 million freshmen are admitted into college, while the total number of applications started to decline. Almost one million high school graduates did not apply for college in 2009. Some experts interpreted the decline of interest as a reflection of disappointing job market for college graduates.

On the other hand, students who applied for colleges in the US doubled. 15,000 mainland kids took SAT in Hong Kong between October 2008 and June 2009. There is no SAT test center in mainland China. Students travel to testing centers in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and as far as the US to take the test.

In major cities such as Beijing, Chongqing, up to 10-20 percent of high school graduates applied US colleges. Mr. Shen Xianzhang, deputy principle of the Rendafuzhong High school in Beijing told reporters that 43 students had been admitted by top US colleges, the majority went to Ivy League schools with full scholarship, including Harvard, Stanford and Yale. At Beijing No. 4 High School, 20 graduates went abroad for colleges in 2007. The number grew to 30 in 2008, and 50 in 2009. Another high school in Beijing, the Lab High School affiliated with Beijing Normal University sent 16 graduates to University of Toronto through a joint program.

A strong economy and a strong exchange rate against major western currencies certain help too. The total number of students studying in foreign universities and colleges increased from 144,000 in 2007 to 170,000 in 2008. The number is expected to almost double in 2009.

Stanley Nel of University of San Francisco told China Daily that "Students used to tell me that they did not have the money to go to USF, and they needed full scholarships. That is not the case now." More than 80 students from mainland China has been admitted to USF this year.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lawyer Chained to Basketball Hoops

A Yunnan judge ordered a lawyer public humiliation. Mr. He pointed to the basketball hoops he had been chained to.

Mr. He represented a client in First Civil Court or Chengjiang County, Yuxi Metropolitan, Yunnan Province in the morning of July 10, 2009. During the court deliberation, Mr. He asked the presiding judge, Mr. Hong, what is the court's opinion as to his client's intention to add the defendant's spouse to the case filed to the court 15 days ago. Judge Hong replied, that would be not necessary, 'as I am orally notifying you now'. Later, Judge Hong asked the attorneys to sign on the transcript. Mr. He noticed the exchange about adding defendant's spouse was missing from the transcript. Mr. He refused to sign the transcript until it is corrected.

Judge Hong then ordered a deputy sheriff to lock the lawyer to a basketball hoops in public.

The lawyer, Mr. He told reporters that he had no contention to the court's power of arresting lawyers. However, it needs approval from the Chief Judge of a court according to the law. He alleged that it was unlawful to have a lawyer locked up by a judge without approval of the chief judge of a court.

Mr. Hong Jiajing, Deputy Chief Judge of Chengjiang County told the reporter that it is a common practice (the judge not following proper procedure) because they have a heavy workload. Mr. Pan Wanhong, the Chief Judge told the reporter that he did not want to comment.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Residents Took Law Into Own Hands

An old gentleman in Lanzhou took law into his own hands. On the night of July 9, 2009, armed with a pile of construction bricks, the old man threw brinks to any vehicle that ran red lights at an intersection near his neighborhood Jingangcheng.

Hundreds of local residents gathered along roadside to cheer for the brave act. A reporter from Tianjin Daily counted 8 vehicles damaged in half hour, and he saw more old men joined the act. Still many cars ignored the traffic lights. The moment a brick flying to a car, loud cheering broke out from the crowd.

The seventy years old gentleman told the reporter he had several near miss when crossing the street. Many drivers just ignore the traffic lights and the police never paid attention to his complaint.

Three hours later around 10 pm, police from the Dunhuang Road Station came to the scene and told the old man to stop.

Three days earlier eight hundred miles down south in city of Nanjing, thousands of people gathered at an busy roadside to mourn six pedestrians who were killed by a drunk driver on June 30. Among the victims was a pregnant mom, whose near full term fetus was popped out by the impact. The driver a wealthy businessman was driving a car owned by a state prosecutor. The driver fled the scene but was stopped by a taxi who witnessed the crime. When interviewed by a reporter by phone (recorded), the prosecutor said, quote, 'who cares several lives lost, nothing can't be paid with money'.

Update: a follow-up report on July 11 on the Lanzhou case said no charge had been filed by police, and no owner of damaged vehicles had approached for compensation.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Uyghua, Chinese and the Communist Party

After the ethnic cleansing against majority Han Chinese committed by the Islamic Uyghua terrorists on July 5, 2009, it is puzzled to see the Communism government made no effort to protect its majority people from being slaughtered, but rather declared everything normal.

Chinese has its cultural established thousands of years ago, most notably 2000 years ago at the beginning of Han Dynasty when Idea of Ru (represented by ideas of Confucius). Chinese culture suggest making compromise, walking the central path between left and right. Chinese cultural advocate strict social order, while children respect parents and students respect mentors. Communism, on the other hand, was imported from abroad, and replied on extreme and radical measure to achieve its goals.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is really a communist party enslaves Chinese, rather than a party of Chinese. For the CCP, the number one challenge to its survival is the Chinese people, especially the Han Chinese majority. Knowing this is the key to decipher the unfair ethnic policy adopted by the CCP while it places the Han Chinese to the bottom of social structure. Ethnic minority could get away from any crime committed towards Han Chinese, including rape and murder.

Some western journalists were shocked once they arrived the scene of the July 5 massacre. Malcolm Moore of Telegraph had to cross out his reporting (imaginary reporting, as most other western media do) of the day before. It never occured to his mind that it could the the opposite as to what they had been told by overseas Islamic Uyghur groups, and what they have belived in for life. He wrote:

Turning over the riots in my mind, I concede I was wrong in my last post to suggest that Rebiya Kadeer (the President of the Islamic World Uyghur Congress, a Washington based terrorist organization) would rise in stature as a result of the riots.

When I wrote the post, I had limited information and I jumped to the conclusion that the 156 victims of Sunday’s violence were Uighur.

In fact, it appears that the majority of the victims were Han Chinese, brutally killed by gangs of Uighurs roaming through the back streets of Urumqi. There are some horrific pictures circulating of rows of bloodied bodies and cyclists lying in puddles of blood with their heads bashed in.

Rebiya Kadeer’s claims that 400 Uighurs were killed on Sunday were dismissed by my colleagues on the ground, who have neither seen nor heard any evidence to back up her accusation.

I apologise for running ahead of the facts, but the idea that Chinese troops had been unable to prevent the Uighurs from murdering Han Chinese honestly never occurred to me.

Now that the sequence of events is clearer, I have a lot of praise for the Chinese security operation in the city. According to Peter Foster, who is on the scene, they managed to prevent escalating situations getting out of hand several times yesterday with calm and judicious policing.

He shouldn't have been surprised, had he understood that the communism government is not a Chinese government, and had never operated in the interest of majority Chinese people. Actually, if traidational Chinese cultural and value provailed, the CCP would have been eradicated from China.

Ordinary Chinese Do Not Trust Western Media

The Chinese government invited western media to cover the Urumqi massacre committed by US sponsored Muslim World Uyghur Congress (WUC) terrorists. However, ordinary Chinese are angry at western media, and have not been reluctant to hide their dislike. ABC said its reporters were booed by Chinese people at the scene. Now, let us find out why.

Look at this picture, which appears on the front pages of almost every western media, including ABC. A Muslim Uyghur old lady confronted a squad of heavily armed Chinese police. The picture resembles an iconic image of the Tian'anmen Massacre committed by the Communists Party's People's Liberation Army against protesting students who had been conducting a hunger strike on the Tian'anmen Square. We see sharp contract between an armless old lady and the fully geared up police and armed police trucks. The image shall surely make a lasting effect to remind the world the nature of the conflict days ago, that is a peaceful protest was brutally cracked down by the military.

However, according to eye witnesses there's another side of the story. The old lady was staged by the western media. The lady was instructed by the media, including ABC, as to her position, posture, and body gesture, to the details as of the color and style of her scarf. This is evident when readers see this picture on the right (viewers and readers of ABC will never be shown this picture, of course).

ABC reported they saw scores of angry non-Muslim Han Chinese on the streets with wooden poles in hand looking for revenge. What they didn't mention was that the hundreds of bodies on the streets were all Han people, many women and little children, slain by Muslim Uyghur terrorists. Many died from one cut on throat, typical Muslim style.

When ABC reported Muslim Moms and Wives got on the streets to demand releasing of their husbands and sons, they didn't mention the hundreds of non-Muslim Han Chinese who had been murdered just a couple of days ago. Many bodies are still laying on the street of Urumqi. Urumqi is not an isolated remote village. It is a provincial capital city with over 2 million residents. Many western people work and travel there on daily basis. Not even one of them saw a Muslim killed by police or non-Muslim Han people. Many of the foreigner wrote or post on the Internet their account of the sudden nondiscriminatory ethnic massacre committed by Muslim Uyghur. While, no major western media mention that, and they don't bother to interview them. Instead, they focus their camera on the Muslim Moms and wives shouting at soldiers demanding their criminal men released. What perfect picture!

The western media had been using the same headline for days: Peaceful Protest Brutally Cracked Down. Still while the WUC was asked to provide any picture of police brutality against Uyghur protesters, they could produce none. The only picture the President of the WUC showed at a press conference on July 8th, three days after the ethnic cleansing committed by the Muslim Uyghur against non-Muslim Han Chinese, was scene of another protest in Shishou of Hubei Province. 2000 miles away from Urumqi, and one year apart. While every Chinese know the picture is fake, and some pointed out immediately. The picture still appeared on major western media, with caption: photo showing Chinese military build up in Urumqi.

American media really shouldn't laugh. First of all, it's not a good time to laugh on the death of hundreds people bluntly killed by Muslim terrorist on the streets of their home city. Secondly, terrorists do migrate and spread. After they conquer China, where should they go next?

A picture tells more than 1000 words. However, it takes two pictures to tell the truth, at least that is the case with western media, such as ABC.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Desperate Han People Call for Revenge

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早上给家里打电话,现在乌鲁木齐全市瘫痪,各单位全部停工,只有医院等特殊单位仍然上班,接收受伤的群众!从昨天下午开始,汉族人民终于团结起来了,他们上街**,遇见维族暴徒就坚决战斗到底!因为,我们的中 央不下令,武警不敢开枪**暴徒。你们想象不到维族人是怎样屠杀汉族人的,乌鲁木齐幸福路上全部躺满了死人,维族人把汉族人从立交桥上往下推,脑浆溅了一地!维族人把学校的小孩烧死,把小姑娘衣服扒光烧死。场面无法用语言形容!维族人暴乱的事后,只要是在场的维族人,全部参与杀人事件,没有一个站在路边不动手的!
昨天维族老人和小孩**,要求释放他们被抓走的人!王乐泉还发表讲话,说有很多暴徒是无辜的。。。老百姓彻底绝望了!!!无能的 政 府 。警察在街上大喊“快跑、快回家去藏起来”。维族人还在肆无忌惮的杀人,因为维族人杀人不犯法,可以放出来!!!
昨天下午,汉族人安顿好死去的亲友,拿起木棒、刀子,去维族人的聚集地“二道桥、山西巷子”找维族人报仇。6万人自发聚集在一起,见到维族暴徒就打。就在这时,警察、武警全部开始阻拦汉族人。当我们被杀的事后,警察让我们快跑,当我们自卫的之后警察开始组织。为什么我们的 政 府 这么懦弱!
就在现在汉族人全部团结起来了,维族人现在还在已游击战的方式攻击我们,这次 必须把他们彻底铲除。

Two Less One Relax

A Han people who had grown up in Xinjiang explained the policy blunder made by the government. Some sites attribute to Tianya, a Hainan based popular forum, as the original source, but the article could no longer be found at Tianya.

The author argued that the biggest misstep was a policy nicked named 'Two Less One Relax' in justice system adopted in the 1980s. The motivation of the policy is to recognize the cultural background of ethnic minorities. Among minorities, including but not limited to Uyghur, many traditionally do not see certain action, such as rape and killing a crime. For example, if the government punish a rapist, often the victim's family suffers the most. In some minority's tradition, lost human life could be compensate by goods, such as 10 sheep or 2 horses. The victim's family often does not want to press charge once they received a fair compensation. The policy mandates when handling criminals of ethnic background, the justice system should make less arrests, make less capital punishment, and relax the terms when sentencing. Although many Uyghur individuals benefit from the policy, the overall ethnic group quickly fell down, and as a result, and lost its competency to the majority group. The policy, in a sense, created more criminals within minority groups, and allow them to live within minority groups. In the end, the quality of the entire group dropped dramatically.

Although government regulation mandates certain percentage of minority people employed by any government agencies and state run enterprise. Minority employees are so well protected, that they will never be fired even if they never show up to work. Even for those minority who are willing to work, they have more legal holidays and vacations then their Han colleagues. Consequently, agencies and companies must find a way to operate without any minority employee. The intention of the regulation was to protect minorities, while in the end, the entire minority group lost motivation to make a living through hard work. Why go to work while you receive paycheck anyway? To make it worse, the minorities who had found job are the elite of their groups. With the elite group lost their dignity of make a living with their own hands, minority groups suffer as a whole.

The author argued that he/she does not believe the Uyghur's ultimate goal was to seek independence from China. Rather, the newer generation of Uyghur has been disappointed on their worsening economic status comparing to their Han neighbors. The government policies and regulations, regardless of their original intention, actually made the situation worse.

Without swift and radical change in ethnic policy, the tense relations between minority and majority Han people will worsen fast. After the massacre, Han people will be scared of the brutality demonstrated, and stop hiring Uyghur people, or doing trade with them. The economic situation of Uyghur will be further desperate. Criminals are not punished, and more criminal wannabes are growing up.

Therefore, the key to solving the problem is to abolish the 'Two Less One Relax' policy, and help Uyghur people find their dignity by earn their living.

标 题: ZZ一个兵团二代:告诉你真实的乌鲁木齐
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org 听到乌鲁木齐发生了暴乱,心里面一直无法平静,一天都在不断的搜寻各种信息,无法静心工作。因为这里,对我的意义,和大多数人并不相同----这里曾经是我的家园。网上言论铺天盖地,有过激的,有平和的,但是我想,对于这里大多数的人来说,那都是一个遥远的地方,遥远到甚至连想象都会出现两种极端,或者认为那里的人都在住帐篷,或者认为那里和其它城市没有任何不同。没有人知道那里是什么样子,即使是有心人,也只是从网上查一些资料,然后得到一些统计数据





























































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The Root of Ethnic Problems in China

A rough translation of the article attached:

The root of the ethnic problems in China is the ethic policy adopted by the CCP.

1) Han people moved away from minority region because of the reverse discriminative policies. For example, children of Han will have to score 20 plus points (on 100 points) to compete with minority kids in college entrance exam.

2) In Mao time, many Han professionals were assigned to minority regions to assist local development. Now they are moving away when the Party can no longer control people's residence.

3) While professional fleeing away, local economy take the price. Nobody will invest in minority region.

4) Local companies dare not hire minority people, because they could walk away from any crime. Thus minorities suffers deeper economic gap comparing to local Han people. Han people are subject to the strict one child per family family planning project, while minority families are not. For an example, the president of the terrorist group behind this massacre, Ms. Rebiya Kadeer, has laid 11 children. While Ms. Rebiya Kadeer is a wealthy businesswomen, many ordinary minority family couldn't offer adequate support for their many children who would end up criminals on the street.

Neither the majority Han nor the minority Uyghur is happy. When there is a third force, such as the CIA got involved, the situation naturally exploded.

A good ethnic policy should protect fundamental rights of all people. A bias towards minority in terms of income, taxing, welfare is acceptable. However, it should extend to basic fairness regarding fundamental human rights. Minority should not be held above the law.

发信人: watcherjoe (momoren), 信区: ChinaNews
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1 少数民族政策让有能力的汉人逃出少数民族区。原因就是反向歧视。俺妈当年就从民族区连搬三次家回到老家省份。愿意就是不想让自己的孩子在少数民族区里长大,原话是-中考高考一加就加20分,那一分就差出一级的学校。我孩子又不傻,凭什么非要比人差。我这十几年被少数民族区耽误了,我孩子决不能耽误。

2 汉人在由国家政策安排时,不得不进少数民族区支援边区,受反向歧视。这也就是为什么改革开放之前,新疆西藏内蒙等自治区经济文化和中国其他地方比差不多,有的因为国家政策还好些。80年以后,随着中国人迁移的自由增加,人才,尤其是当年的援边的高级人才,源源不断地流回内地,主要原因就是因为民族政策。当一个国家自由度增高,政策的召唤已经不管用了。趋利避害,是人之常情。

3 随着技术性和商业性的人才溜走,民族区的经济自然就无法和沿海以及内地相比。由于有民族政策的反向歧视,政府的招商引资也不会有太大效果,毕竟干企业没有人不行。

4 民族区的经济和内地差距的增大,反过来让少数民族认为汉人故意让少数民族没饭吃,没钱挣,再加上民族政策造成的一些维,藏坏分子对于汉人欺压的有恃无恐,更造成了即使在新疆本地,大国有企业和事业单位不敢招本地人。结果就是,少数民族区相对于内陆沿海的落后,区内少数民族相对于汉人的经济地位低下。长此以往,维,藏对汉,以及汉对维,藏的积怨造成了民族对立。再加上CIA在背后放火。干柴烈火,一点就着。



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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

People Die, Who Cares?

All people die, who cares?

159 people died on July 5, 2009 in Urumqi, the capital city of Xinjiang, a western province of China. All of them a innocent civilian Chinese. Many are women. Some are kids, two years old toddlers. They were killed with stones and knifes. Pictures shown many were cut at throat, including 2 years old little girl.

People live in Urumqi say the real death toll is much higher. Most people were killed in back streets. It's an organized ethnic cleansing carried by Muslim Uyghur against Han people.

The headline news on Chinese media are TV show supergirl and the funeral of Michael Jackson.

The Top Party leader, 'core' Mr. Hu Jintao was visiting Italy. He is still in Rome as of today. The top executive officer, Premier Mr. Wen Jiabao was having meal with miners down underground. It's very important to advocate industrial safety. Among the nine members of the standing committee of politburo of CCP, none of them have said a single word on the massacre. No one, not a word.

Instead of protecting innocent people and restoring order, the Party invited foreign reporters to find out the 'truth'. The Party felt they had been wronged by the western media because they were not evil forces to crack down riot by brutality. We understand The World Uyghur Congress (WUC), a terrorist group based in and backed by the United States is behind the riot. We understand China does not want to challenge US at all cost. We still blame the communist government because to protect its people is the first and foremost duty of any government. The moment the government, or the top officials of the government do not have the ball to stand up against the brutal massacre against its people on its own territory, the government lost its legitimacy to exist.

They are, they are the evil force. They are responsible for the death of hundreds of innocent people because they did not prevent and did not protect. The families and friends of the victims care. We care. Yes, we do.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Computer Tune-Up Before Travelling to China

There is almost nothing you can't buy in China, except freedom.

One factor of the freedom is freedom to acquire information from the Internet. Depends on which gateway your ISP uses, you may experience different level of quarantine from the rest of the world. Some luxury hotels are allowed generous access to news sites such as CNN or NBC; while most residential customers are blocked to almost everything even remotely related to 'news'. Youtube, for example, has been blocked for months. Surprisingly, the most isolated browsers are found within ivy towers. Universities in China are connected by a so called 'Education Net'. Faculty and students alike will need to pay extra to pass a gateway of the Education Net to gain access to the Internet. However, even so, a much broader list of blocked sites are checked at the gateway of the Education Net. Many of the sites blocked by the Education Net are legitimate and dedicated for education purpose. For example, Conference Hub, a journal review site was blocked by the Education site, for no obvious reason. Also, HPC Wire, a long time news service in High Performance Computing, is also blocked by the Education Net, but not by regular residential services. It could either be the result of tighter control on college students, or a reflection of self-censor conducted by education officials.

Fortunately it is not difficult to make a break, and most Chinese students know how to do this. For foreign travelers, the key is to make preparation 'before' you enter China.

First of all, there are (at least) two levels of control over the Internet: Blocking (by a list) and Active Filtering (on dynamic contents). Websites such as YouTube, WordPress, SNS, Yahoo (Taiwan), Plurk, Blogger (including this blog) are blocked by a frequently updated list. From time to time, sites such as Google, wikipedia, New York Times are also placed on the list when necessary. Last week, the CCTV aired an interview with a college student who claimed to be a victim of Google. The student told the reporter a story of his roommate searched pornography stories on Google and masterbate in the dorm. Subsequently, Google China was suspended for a few days. Google agreed to cut regular 'Google' service to Chinese residents, and only provide an 'improved' service to China with dedicated servers located inside Chinese boarder (so that they could be closely monitored by the police).

In addition, any pages containing sensitive words are denied by the Great Fire Wall (part of the Golden Shield project). The Golden Shield works in both ways across gateways between mainland China and the rest of the world. When a user trying to access pages containing sensitive words across the boarder, the connection will be reset for a very short time with minimal impact of other functions. The technique is developped jointly Cisco on contract with the Chinese authorities.

It is not that Chinese Internet users had not put up a fight. April 2007, Shanghai resident Mr. Du Dongjin sued the China Telecom on terms of contraction violation for blocking (why?). He lost in two courts. June 2008, Beijing resident Mr. Liu Xiaoyuan sued Suho for blocking his personal blog, the court refused to register the case.

For the rest of us, the most easy and straight forward way of breaking the blockage is by using tor, an application which can divert your traffic through a network of volunteer nodes (proxy). However, the Golden Shield monitors and blocks any reference to 'tor'. The official Tor Project site is blocked. Therefor, you are almost desperate once you get in China unprepared. So the key is to be prepared before you go.

For Windows user, you can download a 'tor' bundled with a browser on your USB drive. It's a portable 'green' application, which does not need to be installed to start.

For UNIX/Linux user, it's a little tricky. You need to install the required service components: tor/privoxy/squid. You also need to edit a few lines in the configuration file of privoxy. For most modern distrubutions, you can install them pre-compiled with system installation tools. A step-by-step instruction can be found here. Fortunately, this page is not blocked, yet.

An 8th grade student in Beijing Zheng Jiehan 'doggie' made a PowerPoint presentation on the Internet censorship in China.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Your Adopted Girl is Not an Orphan

Your adopted girl may not be an infant, as you had been told by officials of Chinese authorities. Guangzhou based South Metropolitan News exposed government made profit by selling girls to foreigners at $3,000 each. Some baby girls were taken from their family to be placed in government-own orphanages. Foreigners waiting to adoption were told they would be adopting an orphan.

In Zhuenyuan County of Guizhou Province, more than 300 infant girls were sold by the government this way. An investigation was followed, and one local official received a warning sanction within the Party while five others were verbally reprimanded.

development: LA Times Report.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Green Dam May Not Result of Pure Political Intention

While the world cheering for the delay in mandatory deployment of the 'Green Dam', a government issued filter software, the positive development of the case might not be as significant as perceived by many.

A fast replay of the event: the Ministry of Information of China announced that all PC sold in China after July 1st 2009 must have a special filter software 'Green Dam' pre-installed to fight inappropriate contents online. The measure was booed by not only ordinary Chinese netizens, but virtually everyone with a voice, including traditional media. Today, the government announced that the installation would be delayed for technical and logistical reasons until further notice.

While the world is cheering for a victory of ordinary people, the incident should not be over-read into a symbol of any willingness of relaxing the regulation of the Internet in China.

Actually there is another angle to examine the tip of this iceberg, that the CCP is so corrupted that 1) a few low level officials dare to make a small fortune at the cost of the entire ruling class, and 2) the ruling class had to endorse the obvious greedy mistake made by a few crazy low level officials.

The Seagull never doubts the CCP's intention and determination to block the Internet or any media (radio, TV, newspaper, etc.). However, this 'Green Dam' thing looks apparently initiated by a few people associated with the firm who produced the 'green dam'. Likely, Google had been blocked for quite a few times, all thanks to its competitor 'Baidu'.