Thursday, July 21, 2011

Google Cut Firefox Support

Google announced that it would stop updating its Firefox Toolbar, a very popular product among FireFox users.

Google had been lending its hand to the opensource browser project by contributing a big donation in exchange of a place at Firefox's integrated search block. In the darkest days while Firefox was struggling to catch up with Microsoft's Internet Explorer, that was the major source for the by and large community based project.

Fast forwarding to summer of 2011. Google released its own browser 'Chrome' and IE's market has been cut in half. It is obvious that Firefox is the major obstacle on Google's way to take over the browser battlefield. Because enemy's enemy must be a friend, Google Toolbar now exclusively support IE. It is not surprising to see Google back stab once partner, but you will wonder where had Google buried the 'Don't be Evil' slogan.

Well, actually, if you look carefully, 'Don't be Evil' is nowhere to be found in Google's official documentation. What a myth.

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