Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wen Jiabao: Rail Ministry Must Tell the Truth

Premier Wen got to the scene of the bullet train accident. Wen held a press conference after visiting the hospitals and talking to survivors and their families. Wen said he had been on bed for 11 days because of an illness, which was the reason he did not come earlier.

When asked on the handling of the accident, Wen stated he called the Rail Minister immediately. We stressed he only said two words on the phone to the Minister, which were'save life' and not even one word beyond that. Wen said the Rail Ministry must tell the truth of the disaster.

People at the scene accused the officials did not assist passenger to leave the train after the accident. Further, they charged officials harshly called off the rescue operation within a few hours. It is wide spread that carriages were pushed down the 60 feet bridge with people inside. Later, many bodies and a couple of live persons were found in the pushed-down carriage, as well as on the ground nearby. TV reporting from the scene also showed heavy equipment were used to smash the 6 carriages on the ground, without checking whether there were still passengers inside. Later, many bodies were found whose heads and limbs were cut off by construction equipment.

TV programs from the scene also showed carriages were then decomposed into pieces and buried in big holes dug at the scene. Reporters questioned why they had to be smashed to pieces. The Rail Minister stated the action was to prevent advanced sensitive technology fell into wrong hands. The spokesperson of the Rail Ministry stated the action was to use the carriages to pave road.

The news conference was not allowed to be broadcasting on-air in mainland China. However, many reporters posted the questions and Wen's answers in real time on micro-blogs.

Reporters came with many questions. Specifically, they wanted to know which official called off the rescue hours after the disaster, and which official order the train to be smashed and buried hours after the accident took place. They also wanted to know the real death toll. Beijing still insisted on the number 35, while it is obvious the number should be between around two hundreds. Three carriages plunged 60 feet with full load of 80 passenger each according to ticketing. In addition, one entire carriage was wiped out during the collision. The carriage looked like a post card with floor and ceiling ironed together. Nobody would survive.


While Wen took a break, more than 20 reporters at the scene shouted together to demand the Rail Ministry to answer questions directly, because unlike Wen who just got up from his sick bed, the Rail Ministry had answers to all questions. However, neither Wen nor the Rail Minister responded to the demand, but wrapped up the news conference and left.

Combing through each word said by Wen, reporters realized Wen only promised to investigate the accident itself, but did not even brush on the clear demand to investigate the handling after the accident by Vice Premier Mr. Zhang Dejiang, the top CCP official at the scene.

Mr. Zhang received a B.S. from North Korea.

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