Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The College Entrance Exam: 2011

College Admission of Shandong Province in 2011

Qinghua University65719682
Beijing University30708682
Fudan University32682672
Shanghai Communication University50680670
Zhejiang University61694668
University of Science and Technology of China40676667
Medical College of Shanghai Communication University12676666
Chinese People's University35681665
Nanjing University65680664
Nankai University60671658
Tongji University108673651
Central University of Finance and Economics62674646
University of International Business and Economics34670646
Beijing University of Science and Technology111669646
China University of Political Science and Law33665645
Huazhong University of Science and Technology128664642
Wuhan University174664633
Shandong University1774667629
Shanghai Foreign Languages University13652627
Beijing Foreign Languages University10660626
Huadong Normal University36650626
Northwestern Polytechnical University135658625
Sun Yet-sen University130664623
China Oceanic University858659619
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China156648615
Zhongnan University272662614
Nanjing University of Science and Technology138651613
Hohai University167637607
Northeastern University180637605
Lanzhou University120631605
Sichuan University251653604
Shangdong University at Weihai865644603
Southwestern University of Communications284638603
Wuhan University of Science and Technology380630603
Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology276658601
harbin University of Engineering256643600
Hebei University of Technology47626600

    What's interesting from the numbers:
  • The top 2 universities swiped all high score students with no exception. In other words, the best student getting in any other school is not as good as the worst student who gets in either Beijing University or Qinghua University;
  • The Fudan University, Shanghai University of Communications, Zhejing University, USTC, People's University and Nanjing University together formed the second tier group.
  • There is little difference among tier three schools going forward;
The above observations echoed the choice made by students in entire mainland China, compiled from another study:
Qinghua University (1.25), Beijing University (1.61), Fudan University (3.36), Shanghai University of Communications (3.60), Zhejing University (5.40), People's University (6.24), USTC (6.28), Nanjing University (7.76)
Number represented ranking of lowest admission score by province.

Twenty years ago, 2nd tier universities and some 3rd tier universities could share a scoop of high score students with 1st tier universities. At the time, there was no clear divide between say, Beijing University and Nankai University. Today, privileged employers should look no further than the top 2 schools. With exclusive access to talents and exclusive resource backed by the national government, Beijing University and Qinghua University leave no air for any other school to breathe.

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