Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Xinhua News Agency

It was not newsworthy to report the Xinhua News Agency caught lying twice in a week. However, from time to time, people were simply interested on the motive of making a lie.

Story No. 1

Mr. Zang Jiebin is the deputy mayor of Xiamen, a Deputy-Ministry Level metropolitan in the Fujian Province. In a video viral on the Internet, Mr. Zang was seen speaking at a conference, while he stated, after touring Germany he observed how difficulty a common German person to access the Internet. According to Zang, German people would have to go through layers of examinations from varies government agencies before they could be granted Internet access. On the contrary, Zang pronounced, people in mainland China should feel lucky about their broad freedom regrading Internet access.

As you can expect, the video was mocked and ridiculed by Chinese Netizens. Some demanded the mayor to reveal his source of information; while some joked he must have teleported himself to the East Germany of 1984.

Well, you guess what, days later, the 'Global Times' under the 'Xinhua News Agency' published an article to endorse the mayor's saying that it was indeed a daunting task for any German to get on Internet. Chinese should thank the Party for granting them freedom not seen in German.

Story No. 2

Singer Ms. Song Zuying performed a song at a patriotic show in Puyang City of Henan Province on June 21. A local official Mr. Wang Jvliu stepped on the stage to present a bunch of flower, then posed for a picture with his hand touched Song's shoulder. Mr. Wang was arrested and throw in jail. Besides being a popular and successful singer, Ms. Song was also rumored the mistress of Mr. Jiang Zemin, the former boss of CCP. It is deemed intolerable to touch the body of an emperor's concubine.

The Xinhua News Agency felt it needed to do something to make the hush punishment 'logical', and soon it found a good chance to jump on.

July 7th was the 74th anniversary of Lugou Bridge Incident which marked the beginning of China's defense against Japanese aggression. A mainland tourist visiting Taiwan saw the Republic of China president Mr. Ma Ying-Jeou at the Sun Yat-sen Memorial and gave him a bear hug. The move surprised Ma's bodyguards but all party were cool and so on. Taiwan media reported the breach of security as a fun story of the day. Xinhua News repackaged the story in its own words, then added a line at the end, the woman was jailed for violating Ma's safety.

Whoever made this up at the Xinhua News Agency must have his brain examined, because he was not helping. Even in the fabricated version of the story, Ma being the president of Republic of China entitles to a security line, while Song, a popular singer, does not. Is Xinhua News trying to spread the rumor that Song was indeed Jiang Zemin's concubine?

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