Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Police Says Okay to Rape with Rubber On

26 years old middle school English teacher Zhou Qin was raped by a communist official on May 17, 2011, after being ordered to drink by her principle at a government gathering. When she went to the police, she was told it was not a rape case because the alleged rapist Mr. Wang Zhonggui performed the act with a condom. The communist Party Chief Mr. Zhong Xiancong of the A'shi District Police Station told Zhou Qin that he did not see it as a rape case since Mr. Wang was wearing a condom. Mr. Wang is the director of local State Bureau of Land and Resources.

Zhong Xiancong is the Party Chief of the police station in Bijie of Guizhou Proince. Zhong told the victim to settle. Zhong was at the scene when the victim was ordered to drink.

Although the saying sounds absurd, Mr. Zhong stood by his words with interviewed by reporters of Anshun Morning.

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