Thursday, July 07, 2011

Nobody is Safe

20 years old Ms. Tian was born in a privileged family. Her father Mr. Tian Wanchang was the former deputy mayor of Liupanshui City of Guizhou Province, in charge of police, court system and local prosecutors. Her mother was an official of the Ministry of State Security.

The Tian family's life turned upside down when Ms. Tian was raped by an even higher ranked official Mr. Zhou Shili on January 8, 2009 in a hotel room in Guiyang. The Tian family had since been on the road to petition for justice. Two years later, the case went nowhere. The family could not find one agency to admit evidence related to the case.

The story was reported by Hong Kong based

With all resources pertained to the family of senior officials, they couldn't find justice when wronged by a person of higher rank.

Across the Pacific, the murderer of Caylee Anthony was found 'not guilty' by the court despite a clear, unmistakable, and loud national outcry.

Which system do you prefer?

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