Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Believe It Or Not, PLA Edition

Believe it or not?

A 48 years jobless woman was sentenced to 10 years by the First Middle Court of Beijing. Xiu Zhu claimed her husband was a Major General, deputy political director. She took CNY 1 million ($150K) from a active duty Major with Last name 'Wei' of the People's Liberation Army (PLA), promising she could make him a Lieutenant Colonel. Wei paid CNY 200K when the two met the first time in April 2009. Wei paid another CNY 800K in installments in the next two months by bank transfers.

Wei was not promoted when he was transferred to another post in April 2010. Xiu Zhu again promised to transfer him to a better post, with a promotion to Lieutenant Colonel.

Xiu Zhu was arrested on November 12, 2010. She returned all CNY 1 million to Officer Wei. The Court found Xiu Zhu was unemployed. The Court also found Xiu Zhu's husband was not 'as she had described to Officer Wei'.

The Seagull felt that the PLA should administer IQ test when recruiting officers.

This news was reported by New Capital Daily and Beijing Youth Daily.

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