Wednesday, August 24, 2011

University of Hong Kong Celebrated 100th Anniversary

University of Hong Kong celebrated its 100th anniversary. Vice Premier Li Keqiang visited the campus under heavy security. Students protesting were blocked and some detained.

They say a picture worth a thousand words. What kind of idiot will in a chair like that in a university? Chinese are proud of a history with deep rooted respect for academia scholars. Former Premier Zhou Enlai was reported never took car to his alma matar. Each time he would stepped out of the car a few blocks away, and walked in the campus on foot. In ancient time, at intersection of road leading to any major academy, there would be a pole line where officials must tie their horses (and walk to the campus) in respect. Again, what an idiot will sit in a chair like that in a university?

People in Hong Kong should reflect whether they want the current administration to lead the premier university.

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