Friday, August 26, 2011

QA888 Skipped Crash after Declaring Mayday in Shanghai

August 13, 2011, originally Pudong bound QR888, a 777-300ER, declared Mayday after waiting more than an hour at alternate airport Hongqiao due to weather condition at the original airport. On its way was a crew with a female Korean captain piloting HO1112, an A320. The Korean Captain refused to give out the descending path.

The Air Traffic Control begged the Korean woman repeatedly to no vain. Later, the crew said they were also short in fuel. After both plane were on the ground, it was measure the Korean captain still has more than 3 tons of fuel.

In more than 100 years of Chinese civil aviation, this was the first time an airplane refused to get out the way to a Mayday declaration. Due to shortage of pilots, China hired a large amount of foreign pilots. Incidentally, the Korean Captain made a real history in China.

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