Sunday, August 28, 2011

Unbearable Burdens

  • Chinese portal website announced that it would censor users who posted inaccurate messages. For example, if a user posted 'The area was struck by an earthquake 2 minutes ago', while the stamp showed 2.3 minutes according to the official earthquake time released by the USGS, then it would be considered an 'inaccurate' message.

    It looks like that Sina took an unbearable burden on its back. Was it a commitment Sina was willing to make, that all uncensored messages were 'accurate'?

  • A draft of the revised criminal procedure law contains a newly added clause which granted the prosecution power to secretly detain five categories of people for six month without telling their families. These groups include persons that are considered dangerous, anti-government, suicidal, etc.

    As a matter of fact, the new law granted police power to 'make disappear' anyone they do not like without court order thus justice procedures. The authority may feel it suited their life for now, but the measure would prove an unbearable burden in the long run. Soon, families of every disappeared person would automatically believe their loved ones were taken away by the government. Think of that.
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