Tuesday, August 02, 2011

How Do they match?

The Palace Museum admitted a rumor that a rare china item was broken by accident 26 days ago. The item was a plate made in Song dynasty, one of 1106 'Level-I' collectibles in China. The value is estimated to billions of dollars.

The official plot was the item was damaged when a newly hired young researcher conducted a reading on an instrument. The reading was supposed to be no-contact, but an incorrect input parameters caused the item smashed.

This is the archived record of the original item:

This is the front of the broken item as shown on the national TV, Central China TV, under the Central Propaganda Department:

This is the rear of the broken item as shown on the CCTV:

It has long known senior communism party leaders take museum collections as personal property and leave duplicated ones on display. We just don't see it happening, until now.

source: http://gududengdai1974.blog.163.com/blog/static/31749932011721395896/

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