Saturday, August 06, 2011

Japanese Cemetery Vandalized by Pro-Government Organization

Five "Anti-Japanese Hero" traveled to Fangzheng County of Heilongjiang Province to vandalize a Japanese cemetery. They hammered the tombstone, than poured paint over it. When they returned to Beijing, they received a welcome party and were rewarded CNY 2000 ($300) each.

The act was organized by Sima Nan, a director at the China Central TV (CCTV, the exclusive ministry-level national propaganda mouth piece), a protege of Fang Shimin (aka Fang Zhouzi).

Many believed the act was designed to off-set the attention on the government corruption unsealed by the bulletin train accident.

Another 'grass-root' organization, Anti-rumor alliance, also traces to Fang Zhouzi, through his private lawyer Peng Jian. The Anti-Rumor Alliance was co-founded by Dou Hanzhang of Renmin Universityand Wu Danhong of China University of Political Science and Law. Curious netizens noticed the Anti-Rumor Alliance held official Internet Publishing Permit, which was against CCP's own law. It is also found that the Anti-Rumor Alliance shares the registration account with previous 'grass-root' movement such as Anti-CNN, etc.

Pointing fingers to neighbors, in particular Japan, has been an old strategy employed by the CCP government. It always works, due to the not long ago history when China was invaded by Japanese Imperial Army and tens of millions of Chinese were brutally killed and slaughtered. It is a period of history that no Chinese should forget. However, just because of it's so heavy and so much pain, this history should not be exploited as a political tool.

The cemetery in Fangzheng county is a quiet place where many Japanese were buried. There is nothing glorifying but names of diseased on the tombstone that was vandalized.

Professor Guo Quan of Nanjing Normal University was a formal anti-Japanese advocate. In 2005, Guo vandalized WangZhi, a Chinese pirate with close tie to Japanese's tomb in Anhui. CCTV applauded for his brave at the time. In 2008, Professor Guo commented on government's handling of the Sichuan Earthquake. He was immediately thrown into custody. Guo is serving a 10 years jail time.

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