Saturday, August 13, 2011

Huang Huixian Released After 5 Days of Secret Jailtime

25 years old Lawyer Huang Huixian was released after five days of secret detainment. Huang was kidnapped by the police without announcement nor paperwork 5 days ago after she posted a message saying she was in preparation to file a legal complain against the spokeswoman Ms. Jiang Yu of the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

On March 3, 2011, during an official weekly press conference, Ms. Jiang Yu informed foreign and domestic reporters that no law can be cited to shield them from questioning the government (China Media Project at Hong Kong University, Wall Street Journal, China Digital Space). Her words triggered immediate criticism on the Internet among Chinese citizens. These words was not included in the transcript archive on the Foreign Affairs Ministry's website.

Huang Huixian said she believed Ms. Jiang Yu's words violated Chinese constitution, which protect people from prosecution and oppression when they behave within the boundary of law. Huang accused Jiang of toying around laws in a public capacity.

The Seagull did not see this lawsuit going anywhere in Chinese justice system. There is no constitution court in China. The Supreme Court is an approximate of super-high federal appeal court. Occasionally the People's Congress interpreted the law. The Seagull was not even sure which court would take such a case. By all means, Huang's legal complaint is a mild reminder that officials should take published laws more seriously. By all means, and with illegitimate reasons, any court in China can throw the complaint out and put an end to it.

Still, the authority employed the unimaginable approach. Some secret police kidnapped Ms. Huang without any paperwork, and detained her in an undisclosed location. In five days, Ms. Huang went through 'hell', as she recollected. Ms. Huang was tortured and humiliated non-stop by groups of secret police taking shift. Huang did not repeat details, but mentioned any girl would rather be killed.

Another female lawyer 44 years old Li Tiantian said the same when she was released after a 6 month secret detainment. To crush her mind, in one instance, the police forced her boyfriend's sister in law to watch her sex tape, which was secretly taped by police in hotel.

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