Saturday, August 20, 2011

Clash between two basketball teams, tanks not used

The game between PLA's August 1st and Georgetown University's Hoyas halted abruptly when the players, assistants and coaches all took part in a brawl. From the video, people were chasing after each other in gangs, and slap faces with chairs.

It's puzzling as to why the Athletic Department of Georgetown University arranged the game with a military personnel. Every member of the August 1st ('Bayi' in Chinese pronunciation) team are active duty officers. The People's Liberation Army has an 'army' of entertainers in active duty, many holding ranks as high as generals (for example, major general Liu Min, a dancer). Most of the military athletes were recruited in their early teens. Subsequently they missed all school educations and would barely read in future life as adults. Rest assured, these officers never touched a gun or went through a boot camp training. The bright side is they never need to worry about their future, as the military will make arrangement for them. The down side is that they do not have freedom to quit.

The big problem is we usually were told to learn from our opponents. What could students athletes learn from the game with a bunch of zombies who couldn't think and couldn't read?

Being sarcastic, what had happened to PLA's tanks? Last time when Chinese students disagreed, the PLA were not shy to sent in tanks to crush Chinese students in the Tian'anmen Square.

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